The Motor Palace Mercantile

In 2019, Brian and Lori Law opened The Motor Palace Mercantile, an old-style corner shop heavily influenced by their love of motorcycles and classic cars. The MPM features Made-in-USA Winslow souvenirs including t-shirts, handmade ornaments of Arizona Copper, hand-glazed tiles, and more. Plus the “Backroom Treasure Hunt” with vintage clothing and antiques.


213 N. Kinsley Avenue started life as a bakery in 1898. When we bought the building in 2017, we researched the full history. To read what we discovered, click this link!

About Brian and Lori and the Store

We moved to Winslow in 2019 after retiring from our careers. We have a passion for history and historic preservation, and Winslow was ripe for renovation. We try to adhere to our set hours of Friday – Monday 10-5, but also want to explore and enjoy our retirement–which means our hours are not always consistent, but you can find our merchandise online! Check it out.

Lori Bentley Law

Shop Girl Extraordinaire

For twenty-three years, Lori, an Arizona native and an Emmy-award-winning television photojournalist, worked for NBC Los Angeles-a career that took her around the world. After relocating to Winslow, she started Winslow.Town, an online magazine focusing on Winslow’s Historic Entertainment District. She loves classic cars, motorcycles, photography, cooking, and writing.

Brian Law

Taco Eater

Brian, a third-generation motorcyclist, retired from a twenty-five-year career managing Harley-Davidson dealerships in December 2019 so he could fulfill his dream of living full time in Winslow. He spends any free moment he has either riding, tinkering, or staring in awe at his two-wheeled contraptions. Or drinking coffee and eating tacos. Lots of tacos.