Beans, Beans, Beans!

All about the Bean!

We begin with the cocoa bean, the foundation for any good chocolate. Along with an array of chocolate bars, we of course have Danzeisen’s awesome chocolate milk in icy cold glass bottles! 

The deadline to order all Danzeisen products, is Monday, July 19th by 9 pm.

Bolita Beans!

From our friends at Adobe Mills, Bolita Beans! Bolitas are a small pinkish bean similar to a pinto but with a creamier texture.  Available in 1, 2, or 3-pound bags.

Coffee Beans! 

We are pleased to now offer locally roasted coffee from Winslow Hoosier Roaster! 

“Aaron roasted his very first batch of coffee in 2001 using a popcorn popper. He found some gnarly, pocked, almost grey looking, stale beans at a Greek market Southwest of the loop in Chicago. They were better than Folgers, but hardly gourmet. As the search for the world’s finest coffees progressed, he reached out to other importers & sourcers (those who visit coffee farms & processing stations, not spell-casters).

Fast-forward to 2020. These days, he purchases green, unroasted beans from a sourcer / importer in California who only offers relatively small amounts of the latest crops. They are the highest quality he has ever found. After building various roasters and adapting them and his techniques, He is proud to now offer small-batch, hand-roasted coffee to you.”


We have three varieties: Kenya Baragwi (a light/medium roast 12 oz bag), Sumatra Lintong Tiger (medium roast 12 oz bag), and a swiss-water process decaffeinated Sumatra Mandhelin (dark roast 10 oz bag).

And there it is! This week’s goods.

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Dairy Deadline 9 pm Monday 7/19 for Wednesday 7/21 goods! 

Thanks as always for your support!
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