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Before we moved to Winslow, we always made a point of planning our vacations around the Just Cruis’n Car Show. Over the last nine years, we’ve attended nearly every show, but this year was different. We live here now, even joined the car club to take a deeper role in our favorite Winslow event. Bondorella–my 1948 Ford F1 (and Mercantile mascot)–finally got to attend, although she remained parked just outside the show to greet customers at the Mercantile.

Speaking of the Mercantile, we were far enough along in the renovation to open our doors for business for the first time–and boy-oh-boy was it busy! We thank everyone for their enthusiam, encouragement, and of course purchases. Your business was greatly appreciated and we certainly had a blast talking to everyone.

Best of Show

We also decided to sponsor a class in the car show, and lucky for us, the Best of Show category was available. The Winner?

Kenny Seresun and his 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan.

In 1934, Kenny’s dad bought a brand new Ford. The car remained in the family, and when son Kenny retired, he decided to take the car he’d drag-raced as a teenager and make something truly special out of it.

He hired builder Bobby Anderson out of Apache Junction to create the masterpiece, a four-year project that began in 2009.

Eighty-five years after his father first brought the car home– and 7000 hours of labor–the LS2 blown Corvette powered sedan became a world-class show winner and even made the Great 8 at the Detroit Autorama against cars with much more invested them.

(Photo Courtesy Jim Buckley)

From the chopped and rolled roof, to the custom grill, to the crisp white interior and secret tucked away license plate, this car is truly spectacular.

(Photo Courtesy Jim Buckley)

But even more than the car’s beauty is the story behind it, how a car can truly become part of the family.

Thank you Kenny and Lynn for bringing this rolling work of art to Winslow! The Motor Palace Mercantile was proud to sponsor the category and be associated with your spectacular car.

See you next year!

Lori and Brian Law


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