Don’t be scared…

It’s just your weekly Danzeisen order reminder. Did you try the ORANGE SCREAM? What did you think?? I think Alice Cooper would totally approve of our pairing below.

The dairy sends their apologies for running out of Eggnog last week! Due to high demand, it quickly sold out. The eggnog shorted on Wednesday will be here Saturday and they say supplies should be fine next week. Finger’s crossed!

Spooky Summer Sausage Sale

Okay, there’s nothing really spooky about the summer sausage, but I’m going with a theme here, so cut me some slack. We’re offering a two-fer sale on Summer Sausage! Two-fer $15 (four bucks off)! You pick which two varieties from Plain, Jalapeno Cheddar, and BBQ.

Brush Away Halloween

Here’s something the kiddos will love! Okay… not really. I’m sure they enjoyed the candy more. But you’ll like it! We have a couple of toothbrush/toothpaste kits including a box of four eco-friendly bamboo-handled toothbrushes and a tube of Dr. Gingers Coconut Oil toothpaste! Coconut oil has been shown to kill bacteria in the mouth, plus, the coconut mint flavor is pretty awesome.

Dia de los Muertos tiles!

We love these handmade tiles from Tucson, available in a variety of cool Dia de los Muertos designs.


And hey! Check out this amazingly cool pumpkin below!! Kevin–our awesome UPS man–brought us this heirloom variety and said it makes delicious pumpkin pie, but that would mean cutting up this glorious beast! We’ll wait until after Halloween and give it a try. Thanks, Kevin!

Halloween Parade in the Park Tonight!

Even if you’re not a trick-or-treater, be sure to wander over to the Girl Scout House tonight to check out the incredible job the city did in transforming the park! Have a safe, fun, and thrilling Halloween!

And there it is! This week’s update!

Order Deadline SATURDAY, October 30th by 9 pm for Wednesday, November 3rd shipment.

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Thanks as always for your support!
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