Bottle Deposits

It’s true. Everything tastes better in a glass bottle, but in order to make the product affordable, the dairy requires a $2 refundable deposit on every bottle, which we prepay when we order.

Bottle Deposits

Every glass Danzeisen product requires either a $2 deposit or an empty Danzeisen bottle exchange.

The first time you order, you will pay deposits for each item. For example, if you order three bottles of milk, you will initially pay three bottle deposits.

Next time you order you will indicate how many bottles you are returning. The number of bottles coming back should equal the number of bottles going out. If you are buying more than returning, you will pay additional deposits. If using the online store, please add a deposit for each bottle over that amount. On the checkout form and the order form, there is a box to indicate how many bottles you are returning.


For example:

  • BUYING 5 and RETURNING 5 – No deposits needed
  • BUYING 5 and RETURNING 3 – Two deposits required
  • BUYING 5 and RETURNING 7 – Two extras will be credited back after the bottles are returned.

The easiest method if you have extra bottles is to hold onto them for another order. If you get a surplus, we will credit back after the empties are received.