Brian says hello!

Happy no-worries-Sunday everyone! Brian is settling into the Airstream in San Luis Obispo County and down to his last little bit of Strawberry Milk! Good thing he has such fine fortification while setting up a computer system bigger than our tiny trailer. Classes for him start tomorrow. Speaking of which, he says hello and reminds you to get your Danzeisen orders in by midnight tomorrow, Monday, March 28th! 

Yep! We’ve got the good stuff!

We recently had a visitor to the MPM from Laguna Beach, California who went crazy for our specialty Italian foods. Being a man of Italian heritage, he recognized the Bucatini from Gragnano, the premium lemon balsamic, and the high-quality Sauce. He said he never expected to find such authentic goods in a little town like Winslow Arizona. He pretty much cleared my shelves. It sure validated our MPM product choices!

One of those premium products is Galantino Olive Oil. Around Christmas, we had cute little Olive Oil Sampler kits (still have a couple left in stock!). From the sampler, I fell in love with their lemon olive oil. It’s pricey, but the bright flavor is really wonderful, so I ordered some tins for the store. So what makes it so special? Whole lemons are pressed with the olives when making the oil, so the flavor is much more intense. It’s perfect drizzled over broccoli or asparagus or any vegetables. I’ve been using it straight from the can for salad dressing. The tins are smaller than expected, which is why I photographed them in hand, but a little bit of oil goes a long way.

Capri Shortbread

The shopped also went crazy for the fantastic packaging and delicious flavor of our Makabi Lemon Poppy Shortbread, the perfect light dessert to follow a premium Italian Pasta dinner. 

Quick Homemade Ricotta!

All of this talk of Italian Food made me hungry for some, so I whipped up some homemade ricotta (SO EASY) using Danzeisen whole milk and lemon, then made some awesome stuffed shells. Want to try making Ricotta? Click HERE to see how I do it!

That’s it for this week!

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Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law of the Motor Palace Mercantile