Chocolate Milk & Sweet/Salty Treats: For Rebels Everywhere

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s a known fact that rebels love Chocolate Milk. Just ask Brando.

If you need to UP your rebel status, get your Danzeisen order in by Saturday at 9 pm! And it doesn’t have to be chocolate milk. It can be root beer milk or strawberry milk or cream or whatever floats your rebel boat!


Last week, we told you about the Beeler’s Pork Loin Ends Julie Beeler recommended for us. Brian roasted one up last Saturday and BOY! That man can cook. The pork was delicious and tender, seasoned with thyme, flatiron pepper, and rosemary, seared in a cast iron dutch oven, and then finished off in the oven. We have a few more of these roasts available now!

Speaking of Rosemary…

Do you love rosemary? We have two treats that beautifully combine rosemary in a unique and oh-so-buttery way, especially if you’re a fan of sweets with a savory edge: the P.O.P. Rosemary Almond Butter Crunch, and the Kriti Rosemary Sea Salt shortbread cookies. 

Back in stock!

Our pal Jen’s Apple Butter and Blackberry Vanilla Bean jam are back in stock! Jen makes her organic jam the old-fashioned way, without pectin. It’s thick and fruity and super delicious. Better get yours before a certain good customer snags it all up! (You know who you are…)

Watery Tea

You read that right. Watery tea. I have a new habit to share, thanks to my Aunt Mynette. Using our single-cup tea infusers, I’ve been brewing a cup of tea in the morning (right now totally into the Peaches & Creme Green Tea for the many health benefits). Half of that brewed tea gets poured into my Hydro-Flask full of ice then topped off with water (the other half goes in the fridge for the next day). I sip this refreshing mix throughout the day, adding water as needed until by day’s end there’s just a hint of tea flavor. It’s more fun than drinking straight-up water and saves some of the jitteriness from too much caffeine! 


We have just TWO boxes of Hayden Mills Harissa Crackers left, and they expire in mid-October. Instead of waiting until then, we’re offering them for $4.25 instead of the list price of $5.99! These are made with Arizona-grown heritage Sonoran wheat and New York Shuk’s heirloom spice blend featuring sun-dried chili peppers, delicate rose petals, and piquant spice blend for just the right amount of heat. Really delicious little box of crackers!

And there it is! This week’s update!

Order Deadline SATURDAY, September 11th by 9 pm for Wednesday, September 15th shipment.

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Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law – Motor Palace Mercantile