Christmas Milk & More!

Santa totally gets it. Christmas isn’t Christmas without Danzeisen cream. In case you hadn’t heard, our magical elf Luis will be loading up the Danzeisen sleigh with goods and delivering to us Thursday 12/24! Get your Christmas eggnog fresh for the day!

Speaking of Christmas… we will be open all week for any last-minute shopping. We have a variety of pre-assembled gift baskets–like this beautiful spaghetti dinner basket including Vesper Brother’s Marinara, imported Gragnano region spaghetti in gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana packaging (Gragnano pasta is deemed best pasta in the world), plus a box of crispy amaretti cookies for dessert, all packed into this cute red stripe burlap bag, then finished off in cellophane and ribbon for only $23. This typically serves between 4 to 6 people!

We have a variety of other pre-made baskets you can check out by clicking the button below! Or you can come in and build your own and we’ll make it all pretty for you!


If you use the invoice system instead of the online store and would like to use your card on file, check the invoice when we send it, and if it all looks good, reply with “Use my card on file” and we will put the payment through. Sadly, the customer can’t initiate that process.


If you can’t wait until Thursday, we have 1 HG of Whole Milk, 1 HG Chocolate Milk, 2 HG Coffee Milk, 1 HG Lemonade, and Pints of Cream in the cooler now! Head to the extras page to claim. We can do either home delivery or in-store pickup. 


Coffee Pot Farms Spinach!

We are super excited to hear our friends at Dilkon’s Coffee Pot Farms are harvesting their first winter crop this week: SPINACH! They will have quarter-pound and half-pound bags of fresh grown spinach delivered to us this week, along with their fantastic eggs we all love!


Last week, we mentioned spices. We ordered a limited amount of Frontier Co-Op products to try, and totally dig them. The packaging is cool, the flavor delicious, plus we like the company philosophy of respecting the environment and the people who grow and manufacture our food. These sold quickly, but we still have some organic ThymeHerbs of ItalyChipotle, and this organic Cajun Seasoning! We’re getting more soon so let us know if you have a particular seasoning request!


Late last week, we made a batch of our Fancy Nuts! They sold out immediately thanks to a Facebook post, but we made more! They are a fantastic blend of sweet, spicy, and salty, with cashews, pecans, walnuts, almonds, and cranberries, sweetened with a touch of brown sugar, maple syrup, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, and spiced up with rosemary and chipotle. Limited supply available.


Finally back in stock, our favorite sliced fresh mozzarella! This stuff is great on homemade pizza, salads, and on baked pasta dishes (especially good with our shells and gluten-free shells!)

Also back in stock, Pork medallions! Boy have we missed these. I spoke with Julie Beeler on the phone today (who said she married her husband for his bacon and I totally understand why!! It’s our favorite). Mrs. Beeler told me about lots of other awesome Beeler’s products that would fit with our store. Stay tuned for more on that.

This pork pairs great with A Taste of Thai wide rice noodles (GF)! The noodles work not only in Asian cuisine but also in good old-fashioned comfort food. Brian and I used them last week with leftover chicken, cheddar cheese, cream, and broccoli and it was delicious.


The time has ended for Epic Chocolate preorders, but we do have a limited supply in stock! Samplers in 6 and 15 piece (including mixed, all milk, or all dark), one 1/2 lb box of Milk Chocolate English Toffee, and single packs of David’s delicious Arizona Desert Tortoise made with Arizona Pecans, Epic’s own vanilla bean caramel, and coated in rich Belgian Chocolate.

We also have our line of Theo Organic Fair Trade chocolates, including these melt-in-your-mouth Dark Chocolate Marshmallows.

Shop in Person:

Need to do some Christmas shopping? We have several options:

1. IN STORE: We will be open all week for any last minute shopping. We ask that you wear a mask, and to wait outside if there are more than four people in the store. If you need special hours, like earlier morning or evening, let us know what works for you and we can accommodate.

2. ONLINE: We have most items up on our online store although it is still a work in progress. On the Facebook Group, I’m posting a featured item everyday, so if you haven’t joined the group, check it out! With online purchases, we will happily deliver to your home in Winslow, the recipient’s home in Winslow, or we can ship to out of town family and friends.

3. GIFT CARD: Make things super easy and send an electronic gift card by clicking the button below!

And there it is! This week’s update!

Get your dairy orders in by 9 pm Monday 12/21 for Thursday 12/24 delivery!


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