Cooling Off with Danzeisen!

Happy Easter Everyone!

We hope you’re having a beautiful weekend with family and enjoying this gorgeous weather with all the lovely plants waking up from the winter!

During warm days like this, hot coffee takes a backseat to super smooth cold brew in either plain unsweetened or coffee milk which has milk and sugar. As always, Danzeisen order deadline is 9 pm Monday!

Half-Gallon Plain Cold Brew Coffee (Unsweetened) - Danzeisen

Open Today!

We’ll be open today from 10 am – 5 pm if you need anything. We still have a couple boxes of the Makabi Springtime Malted Chocolate Shortbread with the adorable Bunny on the front. Also available now, Beeler’s Ham SteaksCoffee Pot Farms eggs, 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb bags of CPF Spinach, and a 1/4 lb of their salad greens! Plus, in stock, three HGs of Danzeisen Whole Milk.

And now to the new stuff…

Vermicelli Rice Sticks & Sesame Rice Crackers!

Remember a couple of weeks ago we made Spring Rolls and mentioned making Vietnamese crispy spring rolls with Vermicelli, a super thin rice noodle?

The Ka Me Rice Sticks arrived and are in stock! But after a busy day in the store Saturday, I wasn’t in the mood to make Spring Rolls so instead threw together a quick vermicelli stir fry and, man! Was it delicious! Click the photo below to go to the MPM Test Kitchen recipe!

Since we do still plan to make crispy spring rolls, we restocked the spring roll wrappers as well. Plus we got sesame rice crackers!

Ka Me Sesame Rice Crackers

These light, crispy crackers pair great with our Tapenades. And guess what? The four tapenade varieties are on sale this week for $5 a jar! That’s half-off the recommended retail. We have red pepper, black olive, lemon artichoke, and artichoke Parmesan.

Onion Starts

We have the coolest UPS driver. Not only does Kevin deliver our packages with care, he is always pleasant and shares his knowledge of growing food. Last month, he provided us onion and garlic starts from his garden and said they have more onion starts available! Five bucks for a bunch of 30 mixed onion starts, which include Spanish sweets, reds, and Texas super stars.

Onion Starts

Coffee Pot Farms

This is the last week for Coffee Pot Farms delicious Turnips and Elegance Salad Greens! If you haven’t tried the turnips, you should. They are small and sweet and really delicious roasted in olive oil. Spinach is still available as are eggs. If you haven’t reserved tomato starts, they are still available and will be ready after May 1st!

Turnip Bunch from Coffee Pot Farms


Back in stock, our pure ingredient Organic Bello Tomatoes! Two cans of these and a pouch of Senor Manny’s salsa mix—created by former Winslow folks—makes a ton of delicious salsa!

This salsa goes perfectly with DON-KEY chips! (You have to say it like a donkey brays.) We have a fresh shipment in! Get ‘em before Brian eats them all!

Donkey Stoneground Tortilla Chips

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

I’m not exaggerating when I say these milk chocolate covered, hand-crafted marshmallows are exceptional. A friend recently bought a pack, planned to eat one, and a few minutes later realized she’d polished off the whole bag. And they’re on special today! 2 bucks off the usual price! WAY better than Peeps for an Easter treat!

Theo Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallows 8-Piece



I get my second shot on Tuesday! Woo hoo! I’m hoping I sail through it like Brian did, but if for some reason I’m knocked out on Thursday, I’ll let you know. Otherwise… see you later this week!

And there it is! This week’s update!

Get your Danzeisen orders in by 9 pm Monday 4/5 for Thursday 4/8 delivery!

Head to the MPM Market to order.