Cream and Farfalle Veneziana

Best Cream Around!

Hello and happy Danzeisen order reminder day!

This week we’re highlighting my favorite product, Danzeisen 100% heavy cream, by using it in a delicious and easy recipe made with MPM goods.

Farfalle Veneziana 

When we lived in Southern California, one of our go-to Italian restaurants served Farfalle Veneziana, a pasta dish made with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and peas, in a creamy marinara sauce. It was Brian’s favorite. Considering we had nearly all the ingredients on the MPM shelves, I made it for him last night. He said it was epic (he’s nice like that). Click the button below to go to our recipe.

Quality goods definitely contributed to the success of the meal.

Our mission at the MPM is to find the best of the best. La Fabbrica Della Pasta—the first pasta makers in Gragnano Italy, the pasta capital of the world and protected by the European Union—have been making pasta the same way for more than 500 years with antique bronze extruders, mountain spring water, and fresh air to dry the pasta.

Their Farfalle Giganti (big bow ties) are exceptionally delicious. Because of their size, this large bag goes a long way. We used just a handful for our dish

.Farfalle Giganti IGP by La Fabbrica della Pasta

Farfalle Giganti IGP by La Fabbrica della Pasta $8.30

The Hot Italian Sausage (Iowa hot, not Arizona hot) is from Beeler’s, a company with incredibly high standards for their humanely-raised Duroc pork with no nitrates, msg, or other bad additives.

Beeler's Hot Italian SausageBeeler’s Hot Italian Sausage $9.00

Plus we of course used Danzeisen cream and our favorite additive-free/sugar-free Vesper Bros sauces—which combined really take things next level.

Also this week, we tried the…

Zocalo Aji Panca Chili Sauce

Earlier in the week, Brian cooked up some steaks so I heated the chili sauce to try. Usually, Brian likes his steak dry, but when he tried this sauce he slathered some on his as well.

This sauce is tangy from apple cider vinegar, sweet from passionfruit, and spicy from the Aji chili. It made for a perfect steak sauce, but would also be a great marinade or addition to any chili-based dish.

Zocalo Aji Panca Chili Sauce - 8oz Jar - Matiz EspañaZocalo Aji Panca Chili Sauce – 8oz Jar – Matiz España $6.49

Coffee Pot Farms

Now in season from Coffee Pot Farms: an Asian Green mix of Mizuna, Miz America, and Tatsoi. You’ll find descriptions of the different greens by clicking the link below. Cherilyn said they’ve been using it in stir-fry dishes.  These greens, as well as CPF delicious Spinach, will come in 1/4 and 1/2 pound bags. 

Asian Green Mix from Coffee Pot FarmsAsian Green Mix from Coffee Pot Farms $4.00 – $6.00

In case you hadn’t heard, Cherilyn and Mike will be offering CSA shares this year! The Mercantile will be a bi-weekly pickup spot for their produce boxes. Email Coffee Pot Farms for more info

Rootbeer Barrel Chocolates!

Do you love rootbeer? Then you will love this chocolate bar. Brian cracked one open yesterday and while we were skeptical about the combination of chocolate and rootbeer, it totally works, with a nice explosion of rootbeer flavor.

Theo Root Beer Barrel 55% Organic Chocolate

Theo Root Beer Barrel 55% Organic Chocolate $2.99

The Customer Kitchen

Thanks Laurie for sharing this photo of what you did with your Beeler’s Ribs! They look soooooo good.

Cooking with MPM goods? Share your photos with us!


All varieties of our Organic Joshua Tree Coffee, plus the little Sea Salt Caramels everyone loves!

Sea Salt Caramel

And there it is! This week’s update!

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