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Delivered to Winslow fresh from the Dairy every Thursday!


Need milk now? Click the photo below to see what’s in stock, and claim “Extras” on the order form!

Now Two Ordering Options:

We have moved the site over to a different platform–and while it needs refining–the site should function better. You now have…

  • OLD ORDER FORM: Don’t like change? You can use the same order form we’ve been using (on this page below the new offerings). To see the available products, click the category photographs, browse around, and come back to write your order in the form.
  • ONLINE STORE: We hesitated using an online option because of bottle deposits. We can’t add them into the milk price for two reasons: one, deposits aren’t taxable, and two, you may have an empty exchange. It will be up to you to add the appropriate bottle deposits to your cart. Once you understand the process, the online option should greatly simplify things. So what is an appropriate deposit? Read on…

Bottle Deposits

As you know, every bottle requires either a bottle exchange or a $2 deposit. The number of bottles coming back should equal the number of bottles going out. If you are buying more than returning, please add a deposit for each bottle over that amount. On the checkout form, there is a box to indicate how many bottles you are returning.

For example:

  • BUYING 5 and RETURNING 5 – No deposits needed
  • BUYING 5 and RETURNING 3 – Two deposits required
  • BUYING 5 and RETURNING 7 – Two extras will be credited back after the bottle is returned.

The easiest method if you have extra bottles is to hold onto them for another order. If you get a surplus and want to return, we will credit back after the empties are received.

If this gets too confusing, we’ll go back to the order form/invoice method.

Rootbeer Milk!

Good news! Looks like the oh-so-popular seasonal Rootbeer Milk slated to transition out the end of July may be around for another week. Heard from the dairy the transition to the next seasonal milk is slightly delayed.

New Stuff!

Rebuilding the website pretty much dominated the last couple of weeks, so I didn’t get a chance to search for new good stuff, Although we do have the new Spicy version of the Summer Sausage!

All flavors of Master’s Hand Summer Sausages are in stock now–the Original, BBQ, and Jalapeno Cheddar. We also added a Habenero Snack stick and a restock of the Jalapeno Cheddar Snack Sticks! To see the full meat variety, CLICK THIS LINK!

Snack Time…

We have several flavors of Thunderbird Real Food Bars available, like my favorite, the Pecan Goji Pistachio!

To see all Thunderbird varieties, Click Here!

Pepper Flakes!

I hope you are loving the pepper flakes as much as we are! All varieties in stock!


We have a couple of Jen’s Peach Crisp Kits available! Perfect topped with some homemade Danzeisen whipped cream.


Our rep said we will finally get a restock of the Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans this Thursday! Woo hoo!

And now your choice of ordering…


Complete the form below by Monday, August 3rd at 9 pm for Thursday, August 6th delivery! We’ll then email you an invoice to pay online. If you don’t see an invoice, please contact me or check your junk mail. Unless you hear otherwise, orders will be ready for pickup or delivery after 11:30 am on Thursday!


Please specify “COFFEE MILK” (which is cold brew with milk and sugar) or the “PLAIN” unsweetened cold brew.

Thank you!

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