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It’s a simple fact: Milk tastes better in glass bottles. I don’t know if that’s because it stays colder or if it’s a psychological thing because it looks so cool, but man! I will always choose glass. Plus, I like the eco-friendly nature of reusing bottles, creating less plastic waste. We used Straus glass-bottled cream in California, but after moving to Winslow, couldn’t find a similar product… until we discovered:

Danzeisen Dairy

Danzeisen is a family-owned Phoenix dairy that bottles in glass. Cool packaging aside, the primary reason we fell in love with Danzeisen cream is its purity. No additives. Just CREAM. Exactly how we like it.

Danzeisen Dairy Cream

Next time you’re in a market, read the label on other brand cream cartons and you’ll find stabilizers like carrageenan and guar gum. Not so with Danzeisen. It is by far the finest cream I’ve ever had. Thick, rich, and natural. Plus, it comes in a glass bottle. Win win.

Danzeisen Dairy bottles

The upside, we found a good cream. The downside, we couldn’t buy Danzeisen products in Winslow, so anytime we ran out of cream (which was often because I love it in my coffee) we had to drive to either Flagstaff or the Bashas in Taylor. Until now…

Danzeisen in Winslow!

Just before Christmas 2019, I emailed the dairy about becoming a retailer so Winslow residents could more easily buy these products. Considering the size of our business and the much lower volume we’d do than a big chain grocery, we figured we wouldn’t hear back, but Jeff Memmelaar responded. Not only did he answer my questions, he also invited us to tour the creamery.

Danzeisen Dairy 1949 Divco

We, of course, jumped at the opportunity.

And jumped into their 1949 Divco Milk truck! There’s a reason our place is called the Motor Palace. We’re easily distracted by things that go Vroom. Anyway… Back to the milk. After seeing how Danzeisen produces their dairy, we were even more impressed.

Going old-school with Glass Bottles

In 2013, Kevin Danzeisen—grandson of the founders—had an idea. The Danzeisen family had been in the Phoenix dairy business for 50 years selling their milk to co-ops, but didn’t have a branded product. They didn’t like not knowing where the milk from their beloved cows went, so in 2014, they broke away to become a single source dairy. Not just any dairy, though. Kevin wanted to do something special. He wanted to bottle their product in glass.

“The freshest milk is always kept in our signature glass bottles as the perfect insulator to keep our milk ice-cold. We’re a family farm that has been operating only 10 miles from downtown Phoenix, Arizona for over 50 years and we’re proud to be local. We always take top notch care of our cows, and truly care about the premium quality of our milk – one taste and you’ll be able to tell.”

Clayton Danzeisen, Gail Danzeisen (daughter of founders), and Kevin Danzeisen (General Manager)

November 1, 2014, this family-run operation began bottling their own milk.

Touring the Creamery

Our tour began in the bottling room which was small and spotlessly clean. We were particularly impressed by the equipment used in the process—all from a time when quality was key. Their 1930s separator actually produces more nutrient-dense milk because it doesn’t separate out every element as modern equipment does.

The tanks date to the forties and fifties…

The bottle sanitizer also dates from the 50s. When the Danzeisen’s decided to go with glass bottles, they had to search the country to find a sanitizer since they are no longer made. They found this beast in a Pennsylvania field, bought it from the farmer, hauled it back to Arizona, and restored it to perfect operating condition.

All of the machinery is USA manufactured, which fits with our model at the Mercantile.

The Products

I’m not kidding when I say these are truly superior milk products. They use no growth hormones and if the animal needs to be treated with an antibiotic, they are taken out of the milking rotation until their milk tests clean of any trace. Their cows are bred, born, and raised within their dairy.

They graze on alfalfa and even wear bracelets to calculate their steps so the Danzeisen’s can monitor their health and make sure they are happy, healthy cows.

“We take care of the cows, the cows take care of us.”

Danzeisen Dairy

The milk is brought to the creamery each morning and is ready for consumers within 24 hours, poured into these beautiful glass bottles which are manufactured in Canada.

Product Variety

In addition to the cream we love, Danzeisen offers regular and skim milk, half and half, and a variety of flavored milk like Chocolate, Strawberry, and different seasonal flavors like Banana, Root Beer Milk, Arizona Milk, and Eggnog. The flavored milks are sweetened with pure cane sugar (not high fructose corn syrup) and colored with natural ingredients like beet powder for the Strawberry Milk. And that banana milk… oh man. Talk about rich and tasty.

They also have 100% Orange Juice not from concentrate, plus Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Cold Brew Coffee made with Sedona Spring Water.

The Motor Palace Mercantile Offerings

Danzeisen Dairy products at the Motor Palace Mercantile

If you’re not familiar with glass-bottled milk, there is a two-dollar bottle deposit you get back on return, just like the old days. Each bottle you buy requires the deposit, which you can either roll over to your next order or return for cash. For example: Buy 4 bottles, pay 4 deposits. Next week you buy 3, 3 deposits roll over, 1 gets refunded.

I have no doubt you will love Danzeisen products as much as we do.


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Until next time…

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  1. What a fantastic addition to our town! What hours are you open next week? I’m recovering from a surgery and am not up to going out yet. I’d like to purchase a bottle of milk, to use in DJ’s Dog Treats. I’ll order a bottle of the cream, also, as I love it in coffee, also. Let me know what your hours are and I’ll stop in. Thanks for bringing more great products to Winslow!

    1. Hi ya Deni! I’ll add your requests to the order… no need to stop in! I’ll let you know when it arrives. I’m going to get an online order page up to help with managing things. Hope you are back on your feet soon!

  2. Thank you. Let me know what the cost is and, also, the quantity in the milk bottle. I use 1 1/2 cups per batch for the dog treats. Is this a quart? Thanks………..I look forward to browsing through all your new merchandise. Your store is so interesting! I’ll be out and about by the end of this week, even for short walks, so I might stop in, if you’re open.

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