Danzeisen Dairy!

Available now from the Mercantile!

Just like the old days, place your order with us by Mondays at 5 pm and your dairy will be delivered to the Mercantile on Wednesday! No more driving to Flagstaff to get the good stuff.

We’re picky about our dairy products, which is why we love Danzeisen Dairy. For one, they are a family-owned Phoenix-based dairy, two they don’t put in stabilizers and thickeners in their cream, and three they bottle in fantastic glass bottles.

There is a $2 refundable bottle deposit on each bottle.

Send an email on the form below with what products you’d like, and they’ll be added to Monday’s order.

You can also call (928) 243-6607 or come by the Mercantile at 213 N. Kinsley Ave or shoot us a message on Facebook!