Fall 2018 Update

Over the past few months, there hasn’t been much to report on our Kinsley Ave renovation project in Winslow AZ, other than the continued task of clearing out unwanted things, organizing what remains, and fixing what’s broken. Not very exciting topics to write about, plus, I didn’t want to flap my jaw until I had something more concrete to share.

I tell ya… sometimes I feel like the girl who cried wolf.

Last year when we bought 213 Kinsley, I thought my career as a television video journalist was over due to a shoulder tear, so went full-bore ahead with a new plan–even sold our home of eighteen-years in Orange. Even so, I wanted my shoulder to improve, so worked hard to strengthen the muscles and got it feeling good as new. So… I kept on working. Turned out  I wasn’t mentally ready to make the break from a career I’d loved, a career that had taken me around the world and introduced me to people of all walks of life.Photojournalist Lori Bentley

But now, I really do have news to share.

After twenty-four years in the news industry, I’m ready to move on. It’s been an incredibly hard decision, but it’s time. As of October 26, I’m leaving my job at NBC Los Angeles, which will free up my schedule so I can better manage the building renovation and explore the many interests I never had time to before.Winslow AZ Palace Project

First Steps

Although we’d love to dive into the pretty things, we need to tackle the necessary improvements first, so last week we met with Blake Miller to start on some of the plumbing issues.

Winslow AZ Palace Project

We also met with Andrew Bushman, who will be the general on the project. We appreciate Andrew’s love of old things and his enthusiasm and feedback when discussing plans.

Winslow AZ Palace Project

First, he will reinstate the side double door for easier access and remove the damaged awning for repair. Once the awning is off, we can begin the process of prettying up the facade.

Winslow AZ Palace Project

That’s where painter Robert Wilson comes in. We met with him last week as well and discussed stripping the paint to get down to the white ceramic bricks underneath, returning the building to what it once was.

Lehmans Department Store Winslow AZ
Historic photo of 213 Kinsley

Some people we’ve talked to, though, think removing the paint will ruin the brick and mortar, while others believe the bricks are already too damaged to expose. Much as we’d like to restore, we may have to paint. Regardless, the process will be a long one considering the amount of prep and the rapidly approaching winter. If we go the paint route, we’ll have to wait until late spring once the weather warms up so the paint will set. Meantime, we can hopefully get the prep done and some paint work on the interior.

The Little Things

You may notice a new light fixture in the window. Brian put together the guts for the other large leaded glass shade we found in the back and hung it in the south window to complement the one already hanging in the north. It’s not much, but little enhancements help to bit-by-bit, pull things together.

Winslow AZ Palace Project

So what are our plans?

It’s the question we’re most often asked, along with the question of when—neither of which we can solidly answer. The plan is ever-evolving as we refine not only what we find most interesting, but what will best serve the community as well. We do know it will be heavily influenced by our love of motorcycles and classic cars and will feature this Model T pickup (in progress)  in the front window.

Model T Chassis

Likely there will also be snacks as well as “Quality Goods.”

As for the “When” question?

Photo by Claudia Culver-Thomas

We can’t set a date since we don’t know how long the improvements will take. Before we open the doors, we need to be firing on all cylinders. Good thing is, with me in town we’ll have better movement toward that goal. Plus, I’ll get to see my cute mommy more often.

Our Week in Winslow AZ

Many thanks to David Hartman for inviting us to the Rotary meeting and to the members for welcoming us so warmly. We enjoyed chatting with everyone and seeing the enthusiasm this group has for making Winslow even better.

Winslow AZ Rotary

Earlier that day, we joined the crowd at “National Coffee with a Cop” at the Sipp Shoppe and had an informative and enjoyable conversation with Chief Brown, a super cool guy and one who has already had a positive impact on Winslow.

Winslow AZ Sipp Shoppe
Photo from Winslow AZ News

The Just Cruisin’ Car Show was as epic as ever, with a record number of entrants. Brian and I have been to a lot of car shows over the years and can honestly say this is our favorite. I think Roscoe agrees.

Congratulations to all involved for creating a truly spectacular event.

And finally…

Fun Finds in the Building

I love old books and we found quite a few good ones in the building, along with some really gorgeous deco-era book slides. One of my favorites is this one:

I mean come on! Who couldn’t use a money-maker box? Especially with two buildings to renovate.

Until next time…

Thanks as always for your continued patience and support!

Lori and Brian

If you haven’t yet signed the petition to designate Route 66 a National Historic Trail, pop on over and do that now! Here’s the LINK.Winslow Rainbow

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