Fine Chocolate in Winslow Arizona!

Give the Gift of Fine Chocolate in Winslow!

There’s nothing quite like receiving a beautiful box of chocolates—a gift of simple luxury people get really excited about. We’ve been working with our friends at Epic Fine Chocolates to have more Fine Chocolate in Winslow! For Valentine’s Day, we will tie the box with heart-printed ribbon and include a vintage Valentine!

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ Truffle assortment.

If you’ve had the Fudge or Arizona Desert Tortoise we carry at the Mercantile, you know how special Epic Fine Chocolates are. We chose this brand for several reasons: They are Arizona based, they use all-natural ingredients, and their chocolate tastes great. Chef David—a classically trained professional chef with over 40 years of award-winning candy making experience—makes his chocolates on an off-the-grid ranch near Snowflake.

“The candy kitchen sits at a cool 6000 feet above sea level, with wonderful crisp, clear high-desert air, and forever views.”

Epic Fine Chocolates

Perhaps that’s why Epic chocolate is so divine.

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ. Seen here, a coconut truffle.

The quality of the chocolate also comes from David and Kathryn’s high standards.

No Funny Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients available, including exquisite Belgian Chocolates, sweet cream butter, high-quality fancy nuts, and 100% pure flavors, extracts, and liqueurs. Even the colors we infrequently use in our fancy molded bonbons are 100% natural.”

Custom Chocolate in Winslow:

In addition to our great selection on hand, you can now order a custom assortment! 

Some of Epic’s Offerings:


The assortments will include at least 5 of the following candies: Bittersweet Double Dark Truffles, Milk Chocolate Truffles, Mexican Vanilla Truffles, Vanilla Bean Caramels, Cappuccino Truffles, Outrageous Orange Jelly, Key Lime Truffles, Raspberry Truffles, Peanut Butter Truffles, and Coconut Cream Truffles. 

You can either get a random assortment or you can order a specific one! For instance, if you’d like all dark chocolate, or all milk chocolate, or if there’s a flavor you’d like to exclude or one you want to make sure is included, simply let us know and we will submit the request. Available in Sampler Boxes of 6 ($9), 15 ($18), 24 ($26), and 48 ($48) piece.

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ. Seen here a Raspberry Truffle


Arizona-grown pecans smothered in Vanilla Bean Caramel and topped with Belgian chocolate. These are Brian’s favorite! Available in 6 ($18), 12 in a flexible tray ($24) or 12 in a box ($26), or 24 ($48) piece boxes. Also sold individually ($2) if you’d like to add one or two to a gift basket!

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ. Seen here an Arizona Desert Tortoise (Az grown pecans, vanilla caramel, and Belgian chocolate).


The Fudge has been a staple at the Mercantile in the 1/4 pound boxes in three varieties: Belgian Chocolate, Walnut Fudge, and Fudge on Fire with Arizona Pecans and Concho Chiles. If you’d like a bigger box, you can now special order one! Available in 1/4 pound ($7), 1/2 pound ($12), and 1 pound ($22) boxes.

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ. Goats Milk Belgian Chocolate Fudge


These incredible confections are made in small batches. The caramel is hand-stirred as it slowly cooks over an open flame to the perfect consistency before being poured out to cool. The caramels are then carefully hand-cut and individually dipped in molten bittersweet Belgian chocolate. Available in 6 ($9), 15 ($18), 24 ($26), 48 ($48) piece boxes.

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ. Vanilla Bean Caramel


This is the candy that made Epic Fine Chocolates “almost famous!” Crispy, thick, incredibly fresh, traditional English-style butter & toasted almond toffee covered with chocolate then coated with even more toasted almonds. Simple, classic, perfection! Available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Available in 1/2 pound ($18), 1 pound ($26), 2 pound ($48) boxes.

Epic Fine Chocolate in Winslow AZ. Butter Almond Toffee


An Epic original recipe featuring classic combinations of fruits, nuts, and more, smothered in rich, smooth Belgian chocolate then spread thinly to cool before being broken up into rugged pieces for boxing. Available in three varieties:

Epic Fine Chocolate Rubbles
  • Dark Debris – Dark chocolate brimming with almonds, walnuts and raisins.
  • Milky Rubble – Pecans and chunks of our own butter almond toffee in milk chocolate.
  • Peppermint CRASH! – A delicate sandwich of wafer-thin creamy Belgian white and dark chocolate layers generously studded with peppermint candy. (Nut-free)

Available in 1/2 pound ($18), 1 pound ($26), and 2 pound ($48) boxes.

More Varieties on Epic Fine Chocolate’s Website!

If you’d like to see the full selection of Epic Fine Chocolates, plus learn more about them, check out their website! You can order any of their items through us and save yourself the shipping. Plus, we can deliver to your home, gift wrap with a special gift tag, or we can hold onto the chocolates in the store until you’re ready in case you have a sneaky one in the house (ahem… yes I’m talking about you, mom). 

To Get Your Chocolate in Winslow…

Our deadline to order for Valentine’s Day is Friday February 5th, so fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your requests or call or text with your pre-orders (928) 243-6607.

Many thanks!

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