Getting Cheesy in Winslow

It’s true. We’re getting cheesy in Winslow and it has nothing to do with the Corner. We have new cheese at the Merc! But first, the Danzeisen order reminder and what’s happening at the MPM…

The Best Milk in Town

Danzeisen dairy in Winslow Az

Dan-the-Tractor-Man wants you to drink Danzeisen milk. He says it’s because of the cool glass bottle, but we think it’s because of the Dan in Dan-zeisen. Dan grew up with Brian’s dad Joe near El Centro, a mini-bike’s ride to the border. Naturally, they loved tacos and passed that taco-love on to Brian.

Speaking of tacos, last night, Brian made epic tacos in the Merc Test Kitchen. He roasted a whole chicken (hopefully coming soon to the Merc), handmade his corn tortillas, then topped the tacos with a chile lime crema, sautéed poblanos, chopped Coffee Pot Farms spinach (available again this week), and a super delicious Cranberry Chipotle Gouda.

Tacos using chipotle cranberry cheese, new at the Merc! Getting cheesy in Winslow

Cranberry Chipotle Gouda you ask? Why yes! Now at the Merc…


This delicious cheese hails all the way from a family farm in Minnesota.

Getting cheesy in Winslow. A trio of new cheese at the Merc

In 1976, after raising ten children on their dairy farm, Joe and Mary Eichten began producing Dutch Gouda using old-fashioned methods, all thanks to a University of Minnesota pilot program. Three generations later, the cheese is still handmade using the same open-vat method used in Holland, with no coloring, artificial flavors, preservatives, growth hormones, or antibiotics. 

The Eichten family

Eichten’s aging rooms are kept at a precise temperature and the cheese is moved and turned daily for correct breathing and aging. They age their cheese 60 days or longer—the longer the aging period, the stronger the flavors.

Getting cheesy in Winslow Cranberry chipotle cheese

Our three available varieties: the Cranberry Chipotle Pepper Gouda we used on our tacos, a Tomato Basil Gouda, and their signature Tilsit cheese—a recipe Mary developed over three years (kind of a cross between a creamy white cheddar and a Swiss). 

Eichtens Cheese Tilsit Cheese 8 oz Wedge

To pair with the cheese, we have some wonderful artisanal crackers, from gluten-free Crispbreads, to flavorful Harissa crackers made in Phoenix (perfect for the Tilsit), to Italian Einkorn wheat sourdough crackersSummer Sausage is also great with this cheese and cracker combo.

Cheese, crackers, summer sausage, a knife to cut the cheese

To slice the cheese, we use this weird looking Made-in-USA Rada knife, which glides right through. Also available from the Merc!

Rada Cheese Knife


Beef jerky in Winslow AZ

It’s rare to find a pure jerky product that hasn’t been mass-produced in a mega-factory and stepped on with chemical preservatives and low-grade ingredients. Righteous Felon is different. Their recipes are unique and bold. They use only the highest quality ingredients and pasture-raised beef from a single source that is dry-aged for 21 days prior to jerkification to ensure complete absorption of their delicious marinade deep into the beef. All their top-quality, hormone and antibiotic-free beef is sourced from Roseda Beef, a celebrated Black Angus farm located in northern Maryland. RF jerky is handmade and produced in small batches to ensure freshness, quality, and consistency for the ultimate tasting experience.

Plus, the packaging stories are pretty fantastic. 

We have four varieties: Habanero EscobarBaby Blues BBQO.G. Hickory, and my favorite, Bourbon Franklin which has a hint of vanilla.

Righteous Felon - Bourbon Franklin 2 oz


If you enjoy cooking shows like I do, you know Indian chefs are known for their superior skills with spice. For Indian families, blending spice is a family affair, so when chef Meherwan Irani opened his restaurant in Asheville North Carolina, his mother came to teach the staff about blending and grinding spices. The spices became so popular, they now tin them up and sell them. 

Available now, a boxed trio of their most popular spice blends: a Carolina Pork Rub, Cowboy Steak Rub, and a Honey Herb Rub.

Spicewalla Grill and Roast 3 Pack


If one pound of Beeler’s bacon isn’t enough for you, give this big boy a try! Five pounds of Beeler’s delicious Hickory Smoked uncured bacon. Only a couple available.

Beeler’s Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon 5 LB Slab


Three flavors of the light crispy Almondina cookies are back in stock! OriginalGingerspice, and Chocolate Cherry!

Almondina Chocolate Cherry

And there it is! This week’s update!

Get your dairy orders in by 9 pm Monday 1/18 for Thursday 1/21 delivery!

If you’ve already sent your order or have a standing order……you’re all good. If you haven’t ordered or want to add to your order, you can do so by clicking the link below. If you use the order form, we have moved it to the online store so everything is in one place. Click the “Go to MPM Market” button below then scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the order form. 

Thanks and have a swellegant day!

Lori and Brian Law

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