Gift Baskets in Winslow Arizona!

Who doesn’t like to a basket full of quality goods? We sure do. Food is always a fun gift. Now available at the Mercantile, six basket options to base an awesome gift: the MPM Canvas tote, small striped burlap totes in four colors, and four styles of kraft market trays. The basket pricing includes a base of kraft krinkle paper, your choice of cellophane, ribbon, and a personalized gift tag. You can either buy just the baskets if you want to build your own, or you can build one with our goods! We will also ship for you.

Here’s how it works…

  • PICK YOUR GOODS: Either call or make an appointment to come browse in store (you’ll find an appointment form at the bottom of this page). As you pick out the items, we will build an invoice. Want to do it virtually? Browse the products online, make a list, and send the list via the form at the bottom of this page. Rather than using the online store, I will build an invoice of the products and shipping (if applicable), and email to you. Want to add something else, like a bag of homemade cookies or picture drawn by your young ‘un? No problem! Bring it in and we will add to the basket before wrapping it up.
  • CHOOSE YOUR CONTAINER: Once your items are chosen, we will select the right container. If doing it virtually, send us the list of desired products and we will figure out which basket works best!
  • PACKING THE BASKET: We will arrange the items in the basket with a base of krinkle cut kraft paper, then wrap the whole thing in cellophane of your choice, and tie it up with some pretty ribbon and a personalized gift tag. All the gift tags are from my great-grandpas collection of cards. See the options here.
  • SHIPPING: If you would like to ship the basket, we will get an estimate on shipping, add it to the invoice, and send your way to pay. Shipping has been averaging between 10-15 dollars. From there, we will take care of getting it shipped on your chosen date.

What to put in the basket!


The Mercantile stocks a variety of gourmet food items, as well as loose leaf teas, coffees, and a selection of kitchen essentials.

Other Goods!

But you don’t have to stick to food! Add a Winslow tea towel, or a pair of sock monkey socks, or some Made-in-USA hand warmers. How about a silk scarf, or hand-crafted soaps, or a t-shirt? Get creative and build the ultimate gift basket!

Pre-Made Theme Baskets

Don’t want to mess around with searching for items? We can put one together for you, like the Espresso/Raspberry themed basket we recently did with Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter, Chocolate Raspberry Espresso Thunderbird bar, Raspberry Vanilla Bean jam, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and coffee soap.

Gift Baskets in Winslow Arizona

Or the Asian-themed with wide rice noodles, Asian reds pepper flakes, minced ginger, Gin-Gin ginger candies, and green tea.

Gift Baskets in Winslow Arizona

Check out the pre-made baskets we currently have by clicking the link below!

Safe & Easy Shopping

With the current health situation, many of us are avoiding crowded stores. To keep things safe, our doors remain locked most days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop. We rarely go far from the building. All you need to do is give us a call or use the appointment form below and we will open up (masks on please!). We are super flexible with time. Need to come in the evening? No problem. Before work? We’re always up early. Let us know what works for you. You can also do the whole thing virtually as well! Either call or send a list of items on the second form below, and we will work from there, sending you photos along the way so you can see how it’s coming together. We can even do Zoom or FaceTime so you can get a virtual tour of the products and watch the basket being built.

Make an appointment to build your basket!

Or if doing virtually, send your list and we’ll go from there!

Many thanks and have a swellegant day!

Lori & Brian Law

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