Go Bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a-s!

Yes, it’s true. The wildly popular Rootbeer Milk is gone until next year. Usually, we get a head’s up when Danzeisen ends a seasonal milk run but we didn’t find out until after last week’s delivery. Trust me, we heard hearts breaking all over town when our last bottle sold. On the upside, Go the Gorilla’s favorite Banana Milk is back!

If you like banana cream pie, you will love this milk! Available starting this week! If you need Danzeisen goods…Order Deadline Monday, January 31st by midnight for Wednesday, February 2nd shipment.

Back in stock!

We are restocked on four varieties of Righteous Felon jerky, including my favorite, Darth Garlic. The heavy dose of naturally sweet black garlic gives this amazingly tender meat snack an awesome flavor with zero added sugar. Also restocked on Bourbon Vanilla, OG, and Ancho Villa if you like SPICY! 

That’s it for this week’s update!

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Lori and Brian Law of the Motor Palace Mercantile