Happy Spring… Rolls

I started writing this email from the bench outside the MPM on Friday, soaking in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Spring is by far my favorite season, a time to plant and flourish and get active outside… and of course drink sunny Danzeisen lemonade.

Speaking of spring, this week we’re featuring…

Spring Rolls!

In anticipation of warmer days, we ordered spring roll wrappers for the MPM. Never made them? Have no fear. They’re super easy. If you can make a burrito, you can totally make a spring roll. Think of it as a delicious salad rolled up in an easy to eat wrapper. Plus, making Spring Rolls would be a fun activity to get the kids involved and excited about eating their veggies.

To see how we made them—with Beeler’s ham, Coffee Pot Farms greens and turnips, plus ginger, fish sauce and so much more—click the button below. 

You can also make crispy spring rolls with these wrappers! That will be our next adventure in the MPM test kitchen.

Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrappers
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Coffee Pot Farms

To fill those spring rolls, you can use a variety of Coffee Pot Farms greens including SpinachAsian GreensElegance Salad Mix, and Turnips! Since we’d already devoured our Asian Greens, we instead used Spinach, Turnip Greens, and slivered Turnips.

Sencha Green Tea

A lovely accompaniment to the spring rolls would be our Green Teas from Phoenix-based herbalist, Laureen. Her teas are organic, super flavorful, and complex. We have three varieties of fruit-infused Sencha green teas: Jungle FruitRaspberry and Creme, and Peaches and Creme. The teas have the distinctive green tea taste with a slight fruity edge. All three varieties on sale this week for 9.99 each!

Raspberry Creme Organic Green Tea  - Herbescent

Black Gold Garlic Salt

We loved the Black Gold garlic bulbs so much, when we reordered last week, we added this sea salt to the mix as well!

Coarse chunks of salt with pieces of black garlic and black garlic powder make a really delicious seasoning. Both the Bulbs and the Salt now available!

Black Gold Garlic Sea Salt
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When we reordered Righteous Felon jerky, we added a new variety: VooDoo Chile. I thought the name referred to their use of Carolina Reaper pepper. Brian thought it was a nod to Jimi Hendricks. Judging by the guitar on the steer’s back, I’m guessing Brian was right. Either way, it’s goooooood stuff. We also restocked the favorites, plus got a beer infused jerky!

Voodoo Chile Craft Beef Jerky - Righteous Felon
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Sweet Treats

Can’t decide which Goo Goo Cluster flavor you love best? Now in stock a variety pack of 6 Goo Goo Clusters, 2 of each flavor!

Goo Goo Cluster - Variety Pack (6 count)

And lastly…

For those who preordered Easter Ham, they should arrive Thursday. For those who didn’t preorder, you’re in luck! We will have TWO seven pound spiral hams available!

Beeler's Uncured Bone-In Half Spiral Cut Ham

And there it is!

This week’s update!To see the full selection of MPM goods, including Danzeisen, click the button below.

Dairy Deadline 9 pm Monday 3/22 for Thursday 3/25 delivery!

Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law