Herbescent Organic Tea!

New to the Mercantile, Organic Tea in Fourteen Varieties!

From the Herbescent Website:

“Elevate your Senses; Elevate Your Life”

Herbescent is a company eager to enhance your tea drinking experience. Created and blended with great care by a pioneering herbalist & nutritionist, Laureen Grenus. Herbescent teas provide an authentic experience in healing tea that is rare to find in our fast-paced modern world. Laureen has been blending tea & botanicals since 1992 and is renowned as a master tea blender in the industry. Herbescent is an environmentally conscious company with values to preserve our planet and to bring organic sustainable healing teas & botanicals to consumers.

To ensure that you experience the best quality and benefits from your cup of tea, Laureen wild-harvests botanicals when possible, while taking the utmost care to source organic teas & medicinal grade herbs from around the globe. Our expertise and dedication have made us a leader in the supplement tea industry.

Note: All of our teas do not contain natural flavorings and all teas and botanical blends are gluten-free. If we add flavorings we use essential oils and/or organic compliant flavorings.

“Sip Your Attitude” with Herbescent Tea today and feel the experience and taste the difference!

(CO = Certified Organic)

Blackberry Desert Sage boasts hints of exotic Desert Sage with succulent Blackberry for a fantastic cup.

Organic Premium Black Tea, Organic Blackberry leaves & pieces, Organic Sage Leaf and Exclusive Organic Blackberry Flavors and NOTHING ELSE

Medium-High Caffeien
Calming Spirit.
Enjoy this fragrant combination with Lavender, oatstraw, and scullcap to relax the mind and support a nervous stomach. 

*CO cinnamon Bark, *CO chamomile flowers, *CO orange peel, *CO spearmint leaf, *CO fennel seed, *CO lavender flowers, *CO oatstraw, *CO lemonbalm leaf, *CO scullcap herb Organic Flavors and NOTHING ELSE!

Caffeine Free
Dream Spirit. A special blend of flowers & herbs stated in herbal lore to enhance vivid dream recall and inspirational meditations.

*CO peppermint leaf, *CO orange peel, *CO hibiscus,*CO chrysanthemum flowers, *CO chamomile, *CO cinnamon bark, *CO damiana, *CO lavender flowers, *CO scullcap, *CO rose petals, *CO mugwort, *CO calendula flowers, *CO Stevia leaf, Exclusive organic flavors AND NOTHING ELSE !

Caffeine Free
Prickly Pear Rooibos.
The fruity characters of the prickly pear where captured so that we could offer you a desert oasis experience in your cup. 

Organic raw green rooibos, Orange peel, Organic Spearmint Leaf Organic Flavors and NOTHING ELSE!

Caffeine Free

Mango Vanilla Black Tea.
An alluring melody of tantalizing flavors blended with the most premium of black teas to encourage peaceful moment

Organic Premium Black Tea, Organic Calendula Flowers, Organic Vanilla Beans, Exclusive Organic Mango & Vanilla Flavors and NOTHING ELSE!

Medium-High Caffeine
Brain Buzz. Nourish your Brain and Adrenals with this energizing herbal tea and boost memory and fatigue. 

*CO Spearmint leaf, *CO licorice root, *CO orange peel, *CO cinnamon bark, *CO ginkgo leaf, *CO yerba mate, *CO gotu kola herb, schizandra berries, *CO red Chinese ginseng. AND NOTHING ELSE!

Medium Caffeine.
Purify Body, Mind, Spirt. Dandelion, nettles and red clover for purification of the kidney, liver and blood– strengthening the body’s defenses against illness and increased energy.

*CO peppermint leaf, *CO licorice root, *CO burdock root, *CO ginger root, *CO lemongrass, *CO red clover herb/flowers, *CO slippery elm inner bark, *CO nettles leaf, *CO oregon grape root, *CO chickweed herb, *CO dandelion root

Caffeine Free.
Jungle Fruit.
Tropical Fruit Sencha Green Tea – Made with a premium organic Sencha green tea, this heavenly cup will lift your spirit to the deep jungles of our world to amaze and delight you.

*CO Sencha green tea, *CO Orange peel, *CO Cornflowers, *CO Rose Petals and *CO Exclusive tropical flavors and NOTHING ELSE!

Low-Medium Caffeine
Digestive Delight
“Sip to your Tummy’s Delight”
Enjoy this tasty, tummy soother containing cardamon and fennel to stimulate digestion, chamomile to soothe the digestive track, ginger and cinnamon to ignite the digestive fire within and and a splash of peppermint to balance the fire and to aid the digestive process. Perfection for the belly. Ahhh… Sip before, with or after meals.

*CO orange peel, *CO cardamon seed, *CO fennel seed, *CO licorice, *CO chamomile flowers, *CO spearmint leaf, *CO peppermint leaf, *CO ginger root, *CO ginkgo leaf, *CO cinnamon bark and NOTHING ELSE!

Caffeine Free
White Tropical Illusion.
A rare, special and exotic brew of White Tea and Mango. Lift your spirits with this anti-oxidant rich White Tea .

Pesticide FREE Pai Mu Tan white tea, *CO Orange Peel, *CO Osmanthus blossoms and Exclusive *CO exotic tropical essence and NOTHING ELSE!

Very Low Caffeine.
Anti-V Tea.
A special blend Laureen made to combat Virus: spearmint, echinacea, Hyssop, Astragalus, Ginger, Rosehips, Marshmallow, Cats Claw, Mullein, Slippery Elm, and Lemon Organic Flavors.
This i a larger, 3 oz pouch.

Caffeine Free
Organic Dirty Chocolate.
A beautiful rich herbal tea for those who love the taste of decadent chocolate with a hint of vanilla. It is perfect for those trying to replace their daily cup of coffee with a healthy tea option. The cocoa & vanilla beans release their rich fragrance & flavor with each brew. Great with or without cream and sweetener. This is one of our afternoon favorites.

Organic cocoa shells, organic vanilla beans & organic stevia leaves.

Low Caffeine.
Lavender Vanilla Early Grey.
A beautiful combination of traditional Earl Grey, a hint of lavender and comforting notes of vanilla. A blend for an aristocrat in the afternoon. A soothing twist on an old time favorite. It is quickly becoming one of our best sellers ! Wonderful hot or iced.

Organic Black Ventura Tea, Organic Lavender flowers, Exclusive Organic Vanilla and Bergamot organic Oil

Medium Caffeine
Pumpkin Cream Chai Black Tea.
Our exquisite version of Premium Organic Pumpkin Cream Black tea. This limited edition, seasonal blend is very popular and likened to a pumpkin chai.

Organic Black Tea Blend Sri Lanka, chai spices, vanilla beans & organic Pumpkin flavoring.

Medium-High Caffeine.

Tea Infuser

We have three styles of tea infusers: two glass pots with built-in infusers (40 oz $29 or 30 oz with spout $32), plus the cone tea infusers that fit in a cup! $10.99.

To Order any of these teas or infusers, please go to the Milk & More Order Page linked here, and scroll to the order form at the bottom.