Home again! Rootbeer Milk Rules, New Brittle, and new Shortbread!

Back in Winslow!

Hello friends! My apologies for the late email. My parents and I were eager to get home from our more than two-week-long journey, so spent yesterday driving. Our Kentucky trip was truly wonderful, but I am happy to be back in Winslow! Now back to the milk biz! Thank you for being so nice to Brian and for your patience with our pickup/delivery schedule. (Also thanks for feeding him while I was gone. He certainly appreciated it.)

A Slight Procedure Change

One thing I learned on my trip is the importance of time off. Because of the way our milk business is structured, the weekly email and everything involved with the dairy order falls on days the store is closed–which means no day off. To give us some free time, we’re going to change the email day to Friday and move the order deadline to Saturday at 6 pm–that way all the store business will be conducted during our business hours and we can get out and explore.

Did you know you can do a STANDING ORDER? With a standing order, your items remain on the spreadsheet and I automatically invoice you. When you get the invoice, you can email back any changes, put a pause on the order, or add to it as long as you let me know by the deadline. If you’d like to do a Standing Order, shoot me an email and let me know.

Our shipment will still come on Wednesday, with pickups Wednesday – Saturday until 5:30 pm, and deliveries on Thursday morning.

Other Goods!

A couple of things came in while I was gone! We got restocked on the delicious Jones Dairy breakfast sausages. We love these links because of the taste and because they have no binders, fillers, preservatives, MSG, or added water and sugars. They come in a vacuum-sealed pouch of ten.

Jones Dairy Sausage 10 Pack

New Candy!

Who doesn’t love buttery, rich brittle? Sadly many brittles are made with high-fructose corn syrup. Not these! The brittles from p.o.p. candy co are made the old-fashioned way with butter, sugar, and nuts. These 2 oz pouches contain one piece of brittle and normally sell for $6 a bag. We got a special purchase as a new customer and are passing the savings on to you! Available for $4.25 in four flavors: p.o.p mix with four nuts, pecan, rum y vanilla, and rosemary almond.

New Makabi Flavor

The super popular and beautifully packaged shortbreads from Makabi & Sons now have a new flavor made with rich coconut and zesty lime. The Lono Shortbread.

“Sun-laden sunsets meet the golden shores as hula girls gently sway. The vibrant union of tart sweetness and exotic coconut brings island dreams to life.” 

Makabi & Sons

All other flavors are back in stock as well.

Lono - Coconut Lime - Makabi & Sons

Order Deadline TODAY, August 16th by 9 pm for Wednesday, August 18th shipment.

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Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law

Motor Palace Mercantile