Hopping into Easter at the MPM

Hippity Hoppity 

If you love chocolate, this might be the perfect pairing for your Easter treat: Danzeisen Chocolate Milk and our new limited edition Springtime shortbread.

Hopping into Easter at the MPM with Danzeisen Chocolate Milk and Makabi & Sons special shortbread

Easter at the MPM with a Springtime Shortbread

Not only did Makabi & Sons founder Eiman Behmanesh want his shortbread to reflect the flavors of the world—like the new-to-us Uji with black sesame and matcha—he wanted the packaging to be special enough to gift and to make people smile. In addition to the standard flavors, he also creates seasonal flavors, like this Springtime Shortbread of Malted Milk Chocolate. We have a limited number of these six cookie boxes, so get yours before the season hops away! (Also back in stock on the Kriti Rosemary & Sea Salt!)

Easter at the MPM includes delicious shortbread!

Pork Medallions

Have you been missing the Beeler’s Pork Medallions? They haven’t gone away, they just disappeared from the website! Many thanks to Laurie for letting us know. If you can’t find something on our online store, please shoot us a message and we’ll confirm if it’s really gone!

Beeler's Pork Tenderloin MedallionBeeler’s Pork Tenderloin Medallion $14.75. 

Refillable Water Bottles

Last week I ordered my favorite Waiakea Volcanic Water to stock the MPM cooler, and instead of the usual plastic bottles, they came in these new (and beautiful) aluminum bottles! They have a really nice feel and the company promotes reusing them to reduce waste, which I have been doing all week. Totally my new favorite water bottle!

Coffee Pot Farms

Thanks to my Mom—who gave us an egg-bite maker for the Instant Pot—Brian and I have a new favorite sous-vide egg dish made with Coffee Pot Farms eggs and Spinach, along with Danzeisen cream, some sliced Palacios Chorizo, and Tilsit cheese (restock coming soon!). The texture is fantastic and of course, Coffee Pot Farms eggs and produce always elevate a dish. We don’t sell the egg bite makers, but if you have an Instant Pot check these out.

Also from Coffee Pot Farms: Tomato Starts! Last summer we fell in love with Coffee Pot Farms tomatoes, and now Cherilyn and Mike are sharing some of their 633 starts with us! They are $5 each and are in a 4 inch pot. Click the button below to see the available varieties with descriptions and corresponding photos!


All three varieties of Oloves snack pack of delicious olives back in stock!

Randa of Maumee Ohio-based Almondina said she wanted our batch to come straight out of the oven, so our restock was a bit delayed, but the delicious Almondina cookies are now back on the shelves! Click the button to see the available flavors!

Almondina The Original

Also back in stock, Phoenix-based Kettle Heroes Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn and the Hatch Chile Popcorn. Not only is the popcorn delicious, a portion of the proceeds benefit the Pat Tillman foundation which provides scholarships to service members, veterans, and military spouses who want to change lives by strengthening communities at home and around the world.

And there it is! This week’s update!

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Dairy Deadline 9 pm Monday 3/29 for Thursday 4/1 delivery!

Thanks as always for your support!

Lori and Brian