How Brian Cooks Beans

We love Adobe Milling heritage beans like Anasazi, Bolita, organic Pinto, and the wonderful Moki mix that combines several different beans. Sometimes beans get a bad rap, though, because they contain phytic acids that can be hard to digest. One way to mitigate that, is to soak them. So if you have bought beans from us and aren’t sure how to cook them, here’s what Brian does.


He starts soaking beans the night before. Soaking helps break down the elements that cause digestive issues. He covers them with salt water and lets them sit. After a couple of hours, he rinses and covers again in the salt water. He does this about three times.


Brian likes cooking the beans for a long time, so he will often start them in the morning on a very low simmer. After the final rinse of beans, he puts them in a pan with pre-heated olive oil and stirs to get the beans good and coated. He then covered them with water and salt and lets them cook throughout the day, topping off with water as needed. He recommends the first time you cook a bean, to keep it simple so you really taste the bean. After that, experiment with some flavors when warming the oil, like chopped chiles or bacon or whatever seasonings you’d like.

You don’t have to cook them all day. You can cook them for an hour or so, but we really like the texture and flavor of several hour simmer. This particular batch we served with Brian’s homemade corn tortillas and some delicious seared Beeler’s pork medallions.

The next photo is just to show how awesome my husband is. Look at that tortilla puff!!! And yes. It was a good as it looks.