Important Updates and the Order Reminder!

Price Increase

Unbeknownst to us, our distributor raised the prices on all Danzeisen products. Most of the small increases we understand. Fuel is more expensive and we appreciate that they bring the product to Winslow. The majority of the increases range from 25 cents to 40 cents, so you will find many products increased by that amount. 

However, they raised the cost of cream by 1.50, Rootbeer Milk by 1.30, and half and half by .75 cents–and because they didn’t tell us, we’ve been selling products for less than what we are paying for it (and no, we don’t want to collect the difference from you, although thank you to those who offered). The dairy does not agree with this increase and is working with the distributor since the rootbeer milk should be the same price as a quart of chocolate or strawberry milk. In the meantime, I’ve adjusted the prices up so we don’t lose money and will readjust if we get this resolved.

If you are on a standing order and not comfortable with the current pricing please let us know and we will put your order on pause while we try to resolve the issue.

Order Deadline Returning to Monday

A couple of months ago we switched the deadline to Saturday night, but really, that’s just too quick of a turnaround from when you picked up your milk, so we are going back to our old system: Email reminder on Sunday morning, order deadline Monday by MIDNIGHT now for Wednesday’s shipment. My apologies for flip-flopping.

SO… if you would like milk for Wednesday, November 10th shipment, get your orders in by Monday, November 8th at midnight!

Okay, now onto fun stuff…

We’re gearing up with special items for gift baskets and for foodies everywhere! Stuff like…

New! Lemon Balsamic Glaze!

Just in, a delicious lemon balsamic glaze from Ponte Vecchio made according to tradition from Trebbiano grapes with no added coloring, sugar, or preservatives. Wonderful on fish or chicken or for making vinaigrettes. 

New Seasonal Shortbread

From our pals at Makabi & Sons, their fall flavor WIEN, a spiced apple shortbread! Six delicate shortbread in a super cool package, like all Makabi shortbreads. These are going fast, although we’ll be getting more in soon. 

Bucatini Back in Stock!

Remember that really cool spaghetti with a hole in the middle we had a while back? We finally got more of the pasta that became a sensation after a New York article about a shortage went viral! Woo hoo! Bucatini in stock now!

We also have the Gragnano Gluten-Free Spaghetti back in stock, the BEST gluten-free pasta in the world, and my personal favorite product.

Restocked on Jerky!

Our favorite flavors of Righteous Felon jerky are back in stock! OG, Bourbon Vanilla, Voodo Chile, and more! See the full selection by clicking the Featured Products button at the end of this email.

And there it is! This week’s update!

Order Deadline MONDAY, November 8th by midnight for Wednesday, November 10th shipment.

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Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law, Motor Palace Mercantile