I’m writing the weekly email from a KOA campground in Tucumcari New Mexico! (No, that isn’t the exciting news. I’ll get to that in a sec.)

In case you didn’t see on Facebook, my solo road trip turned to a family vacation including mom, dad, Lily the dachshund, and Abigail the Chorkie so I can spell my dad driving his RV to Kentucky for a family reunion. 

We’re headed to the house where he grew up with his nine siblings at the head of Millstone Holler (he’s the one without the shirt in the photo below). My uncle Steve still lives there and every few years has a family gathering. I wrote about our last reunion in 2017—here—if you care to learn more about the fascinating place my daddy grew up.

So while I’m driving across the country to see my kin, Brian will be in charge of the milk madness—and he’s going to be BUSY. Why? Because of this…

The exciting news!

ROOTBEER MILK IS BACK!!! The wildly popular flavor has finally come back into rotation, which means the banana milk fans will shed some hefty monkey tears while it swings off into hibernation. 

Rootbeer milk—which tastes like a melted rootbeer float—comes only in quarts and will be available for the next couple months as Danzeisen’s seasonal flavor. 

Oh, and Jeff from the dairy said Cotton Candy milk will be around for a while longer too.

Pick-ups and Deliveries

While I’m gone, the storefront will be closed. Brian will do the deliveries as usual on Thursday between 8 am – 10 am. 

As for pickups, those will be Wednesday after 1 pm until 5:30 pm and Thursday from 11 am-5:30 pm. Please ring the doorbell. For those who order, I’ll send you Brian’s number so you can text or call him if you can’t pick up either of those days. He can also accommodate different delivery schedules if that works better for you (no charge for delivery) or make arrangements for pickup that works best with your schedule.

Back to RV life…

Tonight, we hope to make Lake Eufala Oklahoma. When I’m not driving, my very important job is to be a lap for the dogs. They’re pretty irritated right now that I have an iPad in their usual spot, so I best get back to my task. Talk to you later!

Order Deadline Monday August 2nd by 9 pm for Wednesday August 4th shipment.

To see the full selection of MPM goods, including Danzeisen, hit the MPM Market button. If you have any problems with the online store or order form, feel free to text or simply respond to this email!