Lazy Sundays, Platters of Awesomeness, and Legendary Jam

Happy Lazy Sunday

I enjoyed a super lazy Sunday morning, lounging around and drinking a little coffee with my cream. The bliss was nice while it lasted, but then I had to open up the MPM—which I don’t mind since I enjoy chatting with locals, as well as guests from around the country.

As always, the deadline for Danzeisen pre-order is Monday by 9 pm. Need goods today? Click the “Extras” button to see what’s in the cooler now! We’ll be open today from 10 am – 5 pm (closed from 12:15 pm-2-ish for the community garden open house! More on that in a bit…)


Excuse the shout, but I want to make sure you read this. The week of May 24-28, the city is repaving Kinsley Ave from 3rd to 1st, which would make it challenging for Luis to get the milk shipment to us and for you to get in for pickup. To make life easier for everyone we’re moving Milk Day to Saturday, May 29th instead of Thursday. The store will be closed from Sunday, May 23rd through Friday, May 28th while the city makes our street even prettier!

Platter of Awesomeness

When the weather starts warming up, we often do a “deli plate” dinner (or if you want to sound all fancy, a charcuterie platter)—simply slice up some cheese and summer sausage, dish up a side of tapenade or olives, throw in some nuts and dried fruit, a fantastic jam to pair with a mild cheese. Whatever floats your boat. It’s a fun and tasty meal without heating up the kitchen. And good news!

We are restocked on summer sausage in all four varieties including the BBQ which has a touch of sweetness. The sausage paired with our Hidden Acres Gouda is perfection.

Also just in, the most delicious Nordic Crisp crackers in three varieties: Rye Sea Salt (3 oz), Multi-seed & Oregano (3 oz), and Fennel and Onion (5 oz and my favorite). They’re on the pricey side, but after tasting a sample we decided to order for the store because they were that good and packed with 5 different super-seeds. 


To really jazz up the charcuterie, serve some Gazpacho on the side! We have just a couple cartons left of this imported Spanish soup. So refreshing served chilled with sliced avocado and cucumber!

Sweet Times!

Sweet Times Raspberry Vanilla Bean

So excited to announce our friend Jen of Sweet Times Bakery is back in action! A couple of days ago, she dropped off some of her legendary apple butter and raspberry vanilla bean jam! This paired with our Tilsit cheese is soooo good. Jen makes her jam the old-fashioned way without pectin, plus, she uses organic fruit. it is the BEST. Good news too, she will soon have Apple Crisp Kits!

Snack Pack

And lastly… Since tourist traffic is picking up, we’ve been searching for quality walk away snacks, like this little kit of dipping pretzels with mustard. I stress little. The single-serve pretzel pack is a 1.4 oz with a 2 oz jar of key lime mustard—a bit smaller than we expected. Their suggested retail prices is $5.90 which we felt was too high for the scant quantity, so we are offering it at $4.50 instead.

Pretzels with Key Lime Dipping Mustard Snack Pack

Community Garden

As mentioned above, the Community Garden is having an open house today! If you haven’t been to the garden, you should make a point to check it out. I love going out there to work on my little plot or simply relax in the beautiful serenity of the garden. I’ll be attending the annual meeting, so the store will be closed from 12:15 pm to about 2-ish.

And there it is! This week’s update.

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Thanks as always for your support!

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