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Metal Artist George Gould

For the Mercantile’s soft opening before the Standing on the Corner Festival, our friend Harold gave us a gift: A handmade V8 sculpture by fellow Just Cruis’n Car Club member, metal artist George Gould. Being the car lovers we are—especially V8 powered ones—we loved the piece.

V8 piece by metal artist George Gould


metal artist George Gould presenting his trophies
George Gould at far left

George also made the trophies for the 25th Annual Just Cruis’n Car Show this past October—to the winners’ delight.

metal artist George Gould presenting one of his trophies

We were proud to have our name on George’s Best of Show trophy.

From metal artist George Gould trophies from Just Cruis’n car show Winslow Arizona

We liked his work so much, we asked George if he could make some pieces for the Mercantile. And he did.

Now you can own one of George’s sculptures too!

“In the sculptures I make, I try to authenticate the what and when, this stems from having hundreds of hours in forensic training.  I use stuff that won’t or can’t be reused and give people a little tangible piece of history.  I try to identify at least what it is, i.e. from a Chevrolet or Chrysler.”  

George Gould

Made exclusively for the Mercantile, three pieces:

“Chevy Love”

From metal artist George Gould CHEVY LOVE made from rocker arms and a piston

Created from rocker arms and a piston from a worn-out Chevy truck’s 305 c.i. engine. Click here to see this item in the online store.

“Steam Era”

A railroad-inspired piece using a 1930s wrench, a 1928 date nail, and a tie plate—all from Winslow Arizona and finished with cherrywood ties.

From metal artist George Gould... a sculpture made with a 1930s wrench, 1928 date nail

My favorite feature on this piece is the turquoise inlay on the bottom nut. Neither the wrench nor the date nail were harmed in making this piece, and can both be removed intact. A.T.S.F. R/R Winslow Arizona. Click here to see this item in the online store.

“Tie and Spikes”

A railroad tie plate from 1928 with two 5 1/2 inch spikes mounted on a 1928 railroad tie plate. A.T.S.F. R/R Winslow Arizona. Click here to see this item in the online store.

metal artist George Gould Chevy Love sculpture made from railroad spikes and tie

So how did George get into metalwork?

In Metal Artist George Gould’s own words:

My name is George, I like old cars and trucks, still swear at carburetors, and actually went back to school to figure out how to properly melt pieces of metal together.

About 25 years ago necessity got me into welding in order to fix a cooler which I couldn’t afford to replace.  This started my journey into metal. I have a great fondness for history and enjoy being outside and looking for items from a simpler time, and try to use these things to make something unique.

In 1967, my Mom was hauling us around Oklahoma in a Volkswagen Beetle, treasure hunting as she called it. My Dad was involved in Denise McCluggage racing for Citgo at the time.  I pretty much grew up around antiques and cars.  We often went out to the country and generally explored for entertainment (we only got two TV channels in black and white!).  We bounced around as a family and sometimes my playground was old junkyards and garages.

We moved to Georgia and one day on a hike down the creek with my younger brother and sister, we discovered great metal coils, large round metal tubs with slashes in them and a lot of broken jars and masonry. Upon returning and telling of this find to my Dad, he was in disbelief. We hiked back out the next day and he informed us we had found an old still which had been found by “revenuers” during the depression. This and having my Dad read me stories of people like Eddie Rickenbacker really got me into history.

Citgo race team with metal artist George Gould’s dad
George’s Dad on the far left.

Another move put us in Florida. My Mother was still “treasure hunting” always looking out for old kitchen items and household goods. I learned about old coffee grinders, cobalt glass, and what a brace was.  I have great respect for the craftsman of their day. My Mom could fix anything and she had maybe five tools. My Dad had a clean garage and it had better be kept that way.  If he needed to adjust the points and I had messed with his wrenches, I lost toolbox privileges.  Tools were an earned privilege and are amazing in and of themselves. I use tools in some of my works out of admiration and an ode to those old tools.

Denise McCLuggage Racing Team with Ferrari 275 GTB
George’s dad (seen toward the right of the photo wearing a hat) crewing for the Denise McCluggage Racing Team on this Ferrari 275 GTB.

In the seventies, I spent most of my time riding two-stroke motorcycles, surfing and skating, no one made a living surfing and skating back then. I got into boat building working for Blackfin Yacht where they truly hand-built some incredible sportfishing boats of their day.  I spent some time in the military and wound up in Northern Arizona. Most of my friends are into old cars, going fast and do much of the work themselves.   

My wife, Kim and I have been together 35 years, she graciously puts up with and even encourages my zaniness. We have a rescue dog named Max, don’t own a microwave and we love living in Winslow, Az.  She is my partner and if it is measured correctly, she probably had something to do with it. 

Shop George’s Work

You can see all three pieces at the Mercantile at 213 N. Kinsley Ave in Winslow or if you live out of state, we can ship! Click here to go to the online store.

We will be open Wednesday – Friday this week from 9-6 and Saturday 9-4 (closing early for the Just Cruis’n Christmas party!). Can’t make those hours? Shoot me an email and we can make arrangements!

As always…

Stay Swellegant!

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