Monkey Milk & Foods of Spain!

Buenos dias! We’ll be heading to Foods of Spain in a moment, but first…

Sock monkey socks with Danzeisen Banana Milk

We hope everyone is enjoying the return of Banana Milk! The sock monkeys certainly are. Some customers add it to their coffee or cereal. Brian adds a splash to warm whole milk. I imagine mixing chocolate milk and banana milk would be pretty epic too! (We have one bottle left in the cooler now!)

Okay… now that we’ve talked Danzeisen, let’s take a trip to Spain through food.

The Foods of Spain

Pre-pandemic, Brian and I tossed around the idea of spending an extended time abroad, with Spain number one on our list.  We’d both retired from our professions playing with cameras and motorcycles and thought we’d take time to travel before opening the store.

But the world changed and travel was out of the question. We can, however, explore the world through food!

Foods of Spain, Aneto Base, Matiz Paella RIce, and Palacios Hot Chorizo

Now in stock at the MPM!

A variety of foods imported from Spain. One of our sources includes an American who received the Cross of the Order of Civil Merit from Spain’s King Juan Carlos I for bringing these good to America. All of the items are beautifully packaged, from colorful tins of paprika…

Sweet (Mild) Smoked Paprika by La Dalia

Paprikas by La Dalia $7.48

To elegant jars of large capers.

All Natural Capers in Brine by Coquet

All Natural Capers in Brine by Coquet $6.95

We also have a ready-to-eat gazpachoSpanish OlivesChile Cooking Sauce, and a half-moon of apricots with Marcona almonds—which is awesome crumbled on a salad made with Coffee Pot Farms spinach (still available!) or paired with Beeler’s pork medallions on a taco.

Foods of Spain, dried apricots

We are MOST excited by the following collection of ingredients now in stock to make Spain’s most famous dish: 


Foods of Spain, Valencian Paella

The dish originated in the eastern coastal city of Valencia in the 1800s, and is a saffron-scented rice traditionally cooked with rabbit, chicken, snails, and three types of beans. (Don’t worry, you can modify!)

Interesting enough, Paella is the name of the flat shallow pan, not the food. We ordered these Made-in-Spain Paella pans to first evaluate the quality. They are awesome! We have two available now, but if they sell out and you would like one, let us know. We plan to order more.

Matiz Paella Pan - 34cm - Matiz EspañaMatiz Paella Pan – 34cm – Matiz España $18.99

You don’t have to use a Paella pan to make the dish. You can use any flat-bottomed, shallow pan.

The Rice

The secret to perfect Paella is in the short-grained rice. Long grain isn’t going to give you the texture you want. This Matiz Paella rice cooks up beautifully! 

Paella Rice - 2.2lb - Matiz EspañaPaella Rice – 2.2lb – Matiz España $6.69

The Stock

The key seasoning in Paella is saffron. If you’ve bought it, you know it’s expensive and a spice you don’t often use. Instead of stocking up on jars of saffron, we instead picked up this base to make Paella which has not only saffron, but all the traditional flavors cooked into the stock, making Paella more reasonable and easy to prepare. Plus, it’s all natural! 

Aneto Cooking Base for Valencian Paella - 34fl oz - Matiz EspañAneto Cooking Base for Valencian Paella – 34fl oz – Matiz Españ $12.59

The Meat

While I’m sure we all have rabbit and snails in our pantries, it’s perfectly fine to change up the meats. We used a chicken breast from our Mary’s organic whole chickens (then roasted the rest and made a couple quarts of broth).

Mary’s Organic Air-Chilled ChickensMary’s Organic Air-Chilled Chickens $13.96 – $17.90

Plus we used our new Spanish dry chorizo, which is different than Mexican chorizo, flavored with a wonderful smoky paprika. We first had it while living a ”#vagabond life” in SoCal, bought from a cool little Spanish import shop in Claremont. We have the chorizo in three varieties: a hot, a mild, and minis.

 Palacios 'Oreados' Mini Chorizos

Palacios Chorizos $9.48 – $13.47

The Beans

Valencian Paella uses string beans along with a white bean found only in Spain. We instead used our Bolita Beans from Adobe Milling in Colorado, a lovely pale bean that beautifully picks up flavors.

Bolita Beans - Adobe MillingBolita Beans – Adobe Milling $3.65

You can see our full recipe and all the ingredients by clicking the button below to go to the MPM Test kitchen!

While making Paella at home isn’t quite the same as sitting in some quaint cafe with a view like this…

Valencia Spain

It is a fun special occasion dish to make and share with friends as we did. Thanks John and Joan for sharing your memories of Spain and Portugal and for being our MPM Test Kitchen Paella guinea pigs!

Foods of Spain, Paella!

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And there it is! This week’s update!

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