New Mild Italian Sausage, Danzeisen Reminder, and a Change in Delivery Day!


You may have noticed our shipment has been arriving later and later. Instead of waiting for the truck and then frantically trying to get the goods out, we are going to switch things up.

We will now do home deliveries Friday morning between 8 am and noon. If that doesn’t work for you, please let us know and we’ll figure out a different time.

Because we now have regular store hours, we are more flexible with in-store pickups. You can still pick up Thursday afternoons, likely after 3:30 (I’ll post in the Facebook group when the shipment arrives). Or you can pickup Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 10 am – 5 pm.

Danzeisen orders need to be in by 9 pm Monday April 26th. 

And now to the other goods…

New Beeler’s Mild Italian Sausage Links!

Beeler’s Mild Italian SausageBeeler’s Mild Italian Sausage $9.00

The one pound bricks of Beeler’s Hot Italian Sausage we got a while back (Iowa hot, not Arizona hot) were so good we decided to try their mild variety as well! These come in a four link package totaling one pound. We got a fresh shipment of hot in the one pound bricks as well, so have both varieties in stock now!

In the MPM Test Kitchen, we tried the new sausage first with Vesper Bros Chili, then made pizza using the sausage plus…

Vesper Bros Pizza Sauce

Vesper Bros. Foods - Pizza Sauce

Vesper Bros. Foods – Pizza Sauce $5.99

This isn’t one of those thin pizza sauces, this is a chunkier tomato sauce with fantastic flavor.

We topped our handmade cauliflower crust with the pizza sauce, poblano peppers, CPF Spinach, the mild Italian sausage, and of course lots of mozzarella, Parmesan, and Flatiron Pepper Flakes. It was epic.

Made-in-USA Pizza Cutter

Need a good cutter? We have a couple of these Made-in-USA cutters available! Click the photo to check them out.

Rada Pizza Cutter

Little Espresso Bean Boxes

Need a little pick-me-up in a cute little box? You can now get 3 ounces of dark chocolate espresso beans in brown kraft boxes! (Also available in 10 ounce bags.)

Dark Chocolate Espresso BeansDark Chocolate Espresso Beans – 3 oz – $2.50

And there it is! This week’s update!

To see the full selection of MPM goods, including Danzeisen, click the button below.

Dairy Deadline 9 pm Monday 4/26 for Thursday 4/29 delivery!

Thanks as always for your support!