New Salad Greens, Your Milk Reminder, and Fish Sauce! No, not together…

In the “what people do with their Danzeisen products” category, we give you…

The “MPM Banana Cream Pie Cold Brew!”

We can’t take credit for this new beverage creation. Shannan posted this on our Facebook page, but she’s not the first to say banana milk and coffee go great together. For this cup, she combined the seasonal Danzeisen Banana Milk and Cold Brew with Heavy Cream to make the “MPM Banana Cream Pie Cold Brew.” Intriguing, isn’t it?


Last March we closed the doors and switched to shopping by appointment only. We are now easing back into regular hours according to CDC guidelines (we do still require masks). Our open hours will be Thursday-Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm (closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). If the doors are locked ring the doorbell since we are likely in the back. As always, if you need something after hours, call, text, or email us. We are super flexible since we are rarely far from the building.

Takin’ it Easy

Several times this week, we found ourselves either pushed for time or too tired to dive full bore into recipe-land. If you find yourself in the same situation, go easy on yourself. The above meal we made after a day of exploring the fascinating terrain surrounding Winslow. We browned Beeler’s Italian Sausage, combined it with Vesper Bros Italian style chili, and topped it with fresh chopped Coffee Pot Farms Spinach and Tilsit Cheese. Super easy and delicious.

Vesper Bros Italian Style Vegetarian ChiliVesper Bros Italian Style Vegetarian Chili $10.00

Asian Rice

Thursday night, after our long milk distribution day, we realized we hadn’t thawed anything for dinner. A quick survey of the MPM shelves led us to this simple idea:

An Asian-ish-Paella-Risotto-thing. I hesitate to call this fried rice, since you need to start with cold pre-cooked rice and this texture was different. Whatever it was, it tasted great and didn’t take long at all to prepare! Want noodles instead of rice? The same ingredients would also be great with our Thai Rice noodles!

So what’s in it? From the MPM, Minced GingerBeeler’s HamCoffee Pot Farms Asian GreensPacific Chicken StockPaella RiceJalapeñoFlatiron Asian Reds, two scrambled Coffee Pot Farms Eggs, and our new Red Boat Fish Sauce.

Red Boat Fish SauceRed Boat Fish Sauce $10.99

Not familiar with fish sauce? Fish sauce dates all the way back to the Romans, who used this salty fermented concoction to flavor everything. Really, it serves the same purpose as soy sauce, although it’s much better for you with higher protein and no soy or wheat. Because soy sauce is so much cheaper to produce, it surpassed popularity in the general public, but fish sauce really is so much tastier (don’t let the smell scare you! It does NOT taste fishy, it tastes salty). 

This Red Boat fish sauce, “The Purest in the World,” is a chef’s grade sauce, sustainably sourced and with no MSG, preservatives, or sugar like most fish sauce. The ingredients? Simply Anchovy and Sea Salt. Plus, it’s packed full of protein. Over and over again, Red Boat comes up as the #1 choice of chefs and food connoisseurs around the globe. Oh, and It’s not just for Asian foods. One of our customers told us he puts a dash of fish sauce in his Vesper Bros Chili!

If you’ve never used fish sauce, check out this article to learn more. 

Coffee Pot Farms

Cherilyn and Mike have more new produce for us this week: an exciting mix of new Salad greens made up of Salanova red crisp, spinach, and an “Elegance Mix” including pac choi, red mustard, mizuna, and leaf broccoli. This crazy lettuce mix will range in colors from dark- and bronze-red to bluish-green.

Plus they have bunches of turnips

We will also have 1/4 pound bags of Asian Greens, plus the Spinach we all love. And of course, their wonderful eggs.If you’d like more information on Coffee Pot Farm’s upcoming CSA, email them at The MPM will be a bi-weekly pick-up spot for their produce boxes.

Hazelnut Chocolates

From Theo Chocolates, a handmade bar with roasted organic hazelnut brittle nestled in their creamy 45% milk chocolate and topped with a touch of Pink Himalayan Salt. 

Theo Organic Hazelnut Crunch 45% Milk ChocolateTheo Organic Hazelnut Crunch 45% Milk Chocolate $2.99

This bar is available now, plus, we have a restock en route including some new flavors! Stay tuned for those.

Online Store Update

You may have noticed a change last week to Danzeisen products with the addition of w/return and w/deposit pricing. We did this to make it easier to add needed deposits–but there has been some confusion. If you are ordering three bottles of whole milk, but have only two returns, you would add two w/returns and one w/deposit. Just remember, the number of returns needs to equal the number of bottles going out!

And there it is! This week’s update!

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