Parking Lot Sale

On August 12th, 2017 the Winslow Chamber of Commerce will put on their 2nd Annual MID-SUMMER’S DAY IN WINSLOW, A cultural day of music, art, dance, and culinary delight!

We missed last year’s event, but will be there this year, participating with a parking lot sale! More on that a minute, but first a shout out to…

The Winslow Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber does a fantastic job promoting Winslow tourism. In fact, Bob Hall and Angela Moser, who run the Winslow Visitor Center and the Winslow Chamber of Commerce, recently received the Governor’s Tourism Award! Big congrats to them!

Winslow Chamber of Commerce

Be sure to come out to the Mid-Summer’s event, and while there, pop on over to…

The Parking Lot Sale

When we bought the On the Corner Antiques building, the inventory came with it, some of which we plan to keep (the antiques) and some we’d like to purge (the gifts). During the August 12th event we’re going to have a parking lot sale to clear out those items that don’t fit with our developing plan for the Emporium, like knick-knacks, plates, and other small goods. The antiques we’ll save for when we open!

I’ll be in town starting Sunday August 6th, sorting through stuff, getting everything priced, and doing some work toward the building renovation, so if you see me, come on over and say hi!

Saturday morning, we’ll be set up and ready to go by 7 am. See you on August 12th!

Parking Lot Sale

In other news…

As you may have heard, we had a web-hosting mishap and wiped out all of our websites. This Emporium site was an easy rebuild, the others, not so much. Brian sadly lost years of content on the Motor Palace blog, a diary of sorts of our seven-year-history with 112 Kinsley. Such a bummer. He’s gradually rebuilding the site, so be sure to pop over and take a look and subscribe.

Until next time…

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