Kitchen Essentials: The Perfect Tomato Knife

Brian and I love to cook. Some of our best times are in the kitchen together creating delicious food. Because of our love of cooking–and the ever changing nature of the world –the focus of the Mercantile has been shifting toward specialty foods. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Kitchen Essentials, like the perfect Tomato Knife.

The Perfect Tomato Knife

In stock now, the perfect tomato knife to pair with the world’s most perfect tomatoes.

Perfect Tomato Knife

If you’ve had the heirloom tomatoes from local growers Coffee Pot Farms you know how incredible they are. We’ve been eating a ton of them. While their summer growing season has come to an end and Cherilyn and Mike have been hard at work planting the fall crops, they hope to keep the tomatoes going. Depending on what they have available, we’ll pick up every week throughout the fall and winter to keep their fantastic produce coming to Winslow.

Sadly, we will not have anything this week. We spoke with Mike this morning, and he said the crops aren’t quite ready to harvest. for those interested in CPF produce click the button below to see the upcoming offerings and get in your requests. Once they’ve been harvested, we will bring to Winslow!

Now to this perfect tomato knife I’ve been gushing about.

Perfect Tomato Knife

Last summer while visiting Millstone Holler Kentucky where my daddy grew up, my Aunt Mynette asked me to slice up one of her garden-fresh tomatoes and handed me the most magical knife. The serrated blade slid through the tomato flesh without mashing or mangling. The thing was amazing. A short time after I got home, a knife arrived in the mail from my Aunt (she’s nice like that). Brian and I both love this knife so much, we wanted to share with our friends so we hunted them down and were thrilled to discover they are still Made-in-USA. Plus, they’re super affordable!

Understand, Brian is a knife snob. He bought his first Henkel more than thirty years ago, and we still use that knife to this day. Over the years, he continued to build his set, one quality knife at a time. This tomato knife and the others we are offering are terrific specialty use tools that complement any kitchen.

The Cheese Knife

While ordering, we spotted this crazy looking cheese knife. We’ve never used one like this before but were intrigued.

The cheese knife by Rada Cutlery is unique, with a sleek, visually striking design owed to its superior quality. This serrated cheese knife features a blade manufactured exclusively with cheese in mind, and it easily cuts both soft cheese like Brie and hard cheese like cheddar.

But it’s not just sharpness that makes this the best cheese knife you can own. The blade’s cutouts reduce resistance, allowing the cheese to release while cutting. The ridge gently separates cut cheese, ensuring clean, efficient portioning, while the forked end pierces and holds cheese slices for convenient serving.

The Pizza Cutter

Lastly, we figured everyone could use a quality pizza cutter. This one was designed with a rugged cutting edge on a 3″ wheel. It boasts a one-sided tapered ground blade that will glide through thin- or thick-crust pizza, bread dough, homemade pasta, or giant cookies.

Kitchen Essentials

We’ve dedicated a page on the site to our favorite tools and will add products as a they arrive—KITCHEN ESSENTIALS. We got another shipment of new goods yesterday which I will post about next! My very favorite way to make coffee.

Until then…

Stay Swellegant!

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