Pattern Book for Sock Monkeys


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Learn how to make your very own Sock Monkey in this instruction book from the original sock monkey sock makers!

How to Make the Original Rockford Red Heel® Monkey, Friends, Puppets and More Pattern Book features photographs that highlight detail and finishing techniques; new clean, whimsical design that makes for an easy-to-follow read; and updated patterns that add new toys and puppets to make. This soft-cover, 48-page pattern book makes a great addition to your crafting library or as a gift.

Patterns for more than 50 adorable toys are featured in this book.
Full-color photos showcase the use of many colors of the Original Rockford Red Heel socks.
Close-up, detail photos help inspire finishing ideas and crafting techniques.
Whimsical stitches guide you through these simple step-by-step instructions.
Instructions for sock animals, sock dolls, and clothing with easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams.

Inside the book, you’ll find…

Sock Toys:

Original Rockford Red Heel® Monkey
New Sock Monkey Toys
Teddy Bear and Dachshund
Polar Bear and Piggy
Kitten and Puppy
Plus, 6 more!
Sock Dolls:

Girl Doll and Pixie
Soldier and Train Engineer
Dutch Girl and Scottish Lass
Eskimo Boy and Hula Girl
Plus, 7 more!

Billy Goat and Witch
Clown and Ringmaster
Plus, 10 more!
Also included:

Clothing patterns for jackets, pants aprons, skirts, shoes, boots, hats and caps
Hair and facial expression tips
Sock novelties including hobby horse, pillows and more!

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