Road Construction, Hydration, and an Important Announcement!

The Kinsley Ave Project!

The repaving project is moving along nicely! The mad-skills of the crew as they precisely removed the old asphalt and now fill and shape the new roadbed are impressive. Many thanks for all the hard work to make our downtown even better. 

As for our Danzeisen shipment, the goods will again come on Saturday to accommodate the construction (June 5th). The deadline to order is tomorrow (Thursday, June 3rd) by 9 pm! 

For the following week…


Our distributor is changing our regular Thursday shipment to WEDNESDAYS. Rather than do two orders back-to-back, we will SKIP A WEEK–so after Saturday the 5th, our next shipment will be WEDNESDAY JUNE 16th.  If you need to order a little extra to cover the four additional days, do so on this Saturday’s shipment!

New Goods!

With the heat coming on, we need to be especially vigilant at staying hydrated, yet so many hydration drinks out there are loaded with junk. Check it out:

Gatorade Ingredients: water, sucrose, dextrose, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium chloride (table salt), sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, and flavoring/coloring ingredients. Some flavor variations use brominated vegetable oil as a stabilizer.

Eww. We went on the hunt for a more natural sports drink and found Nooma. Check out their ingredients:

Nooma Hydration Ingredients: filtered water, organic coconut water from concentrate, organic blueberry flavor, organic peach flavor, pink Himalayan salt, organic stevia leaf extract.

They taste great and thanks to the coconut water provide fantastic hydration.

Also from Nooma…

All-natural energy drinks! I accidentally ordered samples of these a few weeks ago (I meant to get the hydration). Generally, I’m not a fan of energy drinks but put them to the test anyway, along with my fellow Aquabats (water aerobic participants). Everyone agreed they tasted great and provided a good non-jittery energy thanks to the ingredients from nature. If you’re looking for a more natural energy boost, give these a try.

Customer Kitchen!

It’s been a while since we featured something from a customer kitchen, but wow! Check out this delicious-looking Chicken Parmesan Dee made with our Vesper Bros Marinara! 

Don’t know how to make it? Check out this recipe for an oven-made version. To keep things really simple, use one of the Vesper Bros delicious sauces, available in original Marinara, Spicy Arrabiata, and Tomato Basil. Get really wild and add in some Beeler’s Italian sausage too!

Serve the Chicken Parmesan on top of pasta, like our Valente’s Basil Angel Hair or any one of our delicious varieties!

Valente's Pasta - Basil Angel Hair

Light Dessert

Want something just a little sweet after dinner? We have several varieties of the thin Almondina cookies back in stock–including the Almond and Pistachio Almond-Duo!

And there it is! This week’s update.

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Dairy Deadline 9 pm Thursday 6/3 for Saturday 6/5 goods! 

Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law

Motor Palace Mercantile