Saturday Milk, Jalapeno Tuna, and an addition to the MPM Test Kitchen!

Saturday Danzeisen!

Remember last week we mentioned switching the milk shipment due to a Kinsley Ave repaving project? Well… the project got delayed to next week but we had already switched with the distributor so our goods will still arrive this Saturday the 29th instead of Thursday–thus the late reminder email!

The deadline for this Saturday’s Danzeisen pre-order is THURSDAY 5/27 by 9 pm. Pickups and deliveries will begin Saturday afternoon once the shipment arrives and will also be available Sunday. If you need something before Saturday, we have in the cooler now HGs of Orange Juice, HG of Strawberry Milk, and a Quart of Cotton Candy Milk. Let me know if you want to snag any of those before Saturday by heading to the EXTRAS page.

Next week we will shift the schedule again since the road really will be closed for repaving, so the next milk shipment after this week will be Saturday, June 5th.

New Goods!

New at the MPM: Roasted Garlic Grass-Fed Ghee! Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Ghee is clarified butter, which means (unlike butter) you can cook at high temperatures without burning. Ghee is great to sauté veggies or pan-fry meats or make popcorn! (Works fantastic in our Atom Pop with our Amish Popcorn!)

Roasted Garlic Ghee - Gourmet Ghee CompanyRoasted Garlic Ghee – Gourmet Ghee Company $14.99

Tuna with Jalapeno

Tonnino Tuna with Jalapeño in Olive OilTonnino Tuna with Jalapeño in Olive Oil $9.25

We love the glass-jarred tuna from Tonnino, like the exceptional Ventresca Tuna which comes from the belly of the fish. We’ve added another variety: Tuna Fillets with Jalapeno in Olive Oil. They have a perfect amount of heat and deliciously pair with our Hungry Bird Fennel & Onion Nordic Crisps.

They also make a great salad because of the nice-sized fillets (seen below with Coffee Pot Farms lettuce and French breakfast radishes). Be sure to get your goods from CPF at Farmer’s Market this Saturday! If you can’t make it to the market and would like anything from Coffee Pot, let us know and we will pick up for you! They will have bok choi, lettuce, chard, kale, and eggs. Just mention in the message box what you would like and we’ll take care of it.

Apples & Cheese

No, we don’t have apples at the MPM just yet, but we do have a cheese that works beautifully with them! Tilsit Cheese with sliced apple is a delicious and healthier dessert option. Brian said when he was a kid he felt all fancy and adult eating cheese and apples. It’s still one of our favorite treats. A Beeler’s ham slice would be pretty nice with this as well for a refreshingly light dinner!

Eichtens Tilsit Cheese 8 oz WedgeEichten’s Tilsit Cheese 8 oz Wedge $9.25

Anna’s Swedish Thins are back!

The last time we ordered these Swedish thins, they arrived mostly smashed. This time, the cookie-gods were with us and they got here intact. These super delicate thins practically melt in your mouth. They are great alone or served with whipped Danzeisen cream and our friend Jen’s Homemade Apple Butter (also back in stock!). Available in Orange and Ginger.

In a non-product-related turn…

For the last two years, we’ve been cooking in a makeshift kitchen with a tiny electric apartment stove. This week—thanks to Blake and the Soehner family—we had a big leap forward in our progress toward a real kitchen: This incredible 1940s era Maytag Dutch Oven! 

Mrs. Soehner bought the Maytag around 1949, and in December 1956, she and her husband transported it from their ranch near Wray Colorado to Winslow Arizona in the bed of a 1951 Ford cattle truck. Harold grew up eating stew and cornbread, browned beef and potatoes, and biscuits and brown sugar all made in this hard-working Maytag. Even though the range hadn’t been used in eight years, this beauty fired right up.

Many thanks to the Soehner family for trusting us with their family stove. We love cooking on something that made so many memories for our friends and plan to cook up all kinds of things in our new and improved MPM Test Kitchen. Stay tuned!

And there it is! This week’s update.

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