Snowy Sunday Reminder & A Milk Man Announcement

OJ on ice anyone?

I was totally not expecting to see snow on the ground this morning! What a nice surprise. When I got to the shop, Bondorella-the-Motor-Palace-mascot had a crowd of tourists taking pictures of her all dressed in snow, so I figured I’d join with the MPM weekly email picture. Plus, nothing beats super chilled Danzeisen OJ.

If you need goods for this Wednesday’s shipment, get your orders in by midnight Monday March 7th!

The Milkman Seizes the Day!

Some of you know that over the six months, Brian has been back in school online finishing the degree he left as a late junior back in the nineties. The final year of his City and Regional Planning degree, however, needs to be done in person, which means temporarily heading back to San Luis Obispo, California. Brian was hesitant to leave Winslow, but I encouraged him to go. If he can realize an unfulfilled dream, why not do it? A year will go by quickly. Think of it, we’re all in our junior year of covid! While I’ll miss him like crazy, I’m excited to see him further develop his passion for historic preservation and urban design. (Thanks, Courtney! This is all your fault! xo) 

The photo below is of Brian back in his Cal Poly days. How adorable is he?? His in-person school starts March 28th–yes, this March–so he’ll be leaving in the next couple of weeks. 

So how will the business work? 

Going forward with the milk, I will become the Thursday morning Milk-Maid handling deliveries and getting to visit the neighborhood critters! (Look out Miss Chessie!) 

The same schedule will–for the most part–stay in place, although I’ll skip a week here and there to visit Brian. His classes will be five days a week, so it will be tough for him to come home before quarterly breaks. I’ll let you know in advance when I plan to take off so you can order extras if needed.

Stay tuned… and if you need goods this week, click the link below!

Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law of the Motor Palace Mercantile