Thanks Winslow

Happy Thanksgiving! In case we haven’t said it, we are thankful for the people of Winslow who make the town feel more and more like home. We’re looking forward to the day we can lay a big table of food at the Motor Palace. Although first, we’ll need a kitchen…

A Quick Trip

We had only a couple of days in Winslow due to a vacation scheduling mixup, which meant missing what we heard was a great party in our honor (thanks, Michelle and Laurie!!). We also missed the Christmas Parade, something we were really looking forward to.

The Palace Emporium

The Emporium

Our goal this trip was to clear space in the back by moving the furniture forward, most for use as fixtures.Vintage Telephone and Bell

In that process, each piece got attention: Cleaning the layers of dust, oiling the thirsty wood, repairing loose pieces, and seating nails.

We also married up some of the random stacks, like this beautiful leaded glass piece.

Speaking of leaded glass, look at these beauties! They too were in the back, buried in boxes and drawers.

The big archival cabinets also came forward and got a good cleaning. These are my favorite pieces in the building and will be part of the eventual front counter area.

Quarter Sawn filing cabinets

We also found containers that will work perfectly for the snack/vintage candy plan!

In a much less interesting vein, we gave the bathroom more personality, using a painted stack from the back, and a couple of decorative things we liked during the initial sorting. Bathroom still needs paint and flooring, but at least there’s a mirror now, and a place to put things.

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like…

The other goal–one we’d hoped to do in time for the parade–was to decorate the front table for Christmas, using some of the vintage decorations found in the building.

We added some personal things as well, like one of the cameras from my collection, and this toy car-hauler that Brian’s dad played with as a kid.Vintage Christmas


It might not look like much, but having one emptied corner–once crammed with furniture–is a big step forward.

Life has been in flux with the sale of our house in Orange County. We’ve stashed our stuff in a few different spots, and are living out of  Airbnb’s and hotels. In Winslow, we’ll be working hard to get the Motor Palace signed off from the city and continue to sort through the Emporium.

A wonderful Thanksgiving to all!

Hope to see you soon…

Lori and Brian

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