The Good Old Days

Last week, I got sucked into an internet article about interesting things people found while remodeling old homes. One story jumped out at me:  While removing old cupboards, a couple found a milk door. Sure enough, the compartment went all the way through to the outside, although it had been plastered over. The milkman simply put the milk in the trap door and went on his merry way. How cool is that?

Even if you don’t have a super cool secret milk trap door, you can still get milk the old-fashioned way in glass bottles! If you need goods this week…

Order Deadline Monday, February 7th by midnight

for Wednesday, February 9th shipment.

Speaking of old-fashioned stuff…

Last winter during the slow season, I put in the penny-entry floor (with the help of my pal Joe). This winter, my project has been “The Backroom Treasure Hunt.” We’re finally putting together the various antiques and fun collectibles into a shopping area in the midsection of the building. It’s a work in progress–and still being refined–but the room is now open to shop! I’ll start posting items on our Facebook page and MPM Group, so you can see what sort of treasures we have. Be sure to follow either of the pages to keep up.

That’s it for this week’s reminder!

To see the full selection of MPM goods, including Danzeisen, hit the MPM Market button. If you have any problems with the online store or order form, feel free to text or simply respond to this email! 

Thanks as always for your support!

Lori and Brian Law of the Motor Palace Mercantile