The New Order Day and a Pantry Sale!

Friday is the new Day!

In last week’s update, we mentioned shifting our email and order deadline days to coincide with our open hours so we can free up time to get out and explore–and maybe find exciting new goods! So here it is! The new Friday email!

You don’t have to wait until Friday to put in your order, though. You can let us know at pick up or any time during the week as long as we have your order by Saturday at 9 pm. 

You can also set up a STANDING ORDER. If you get the same thing every week, a standing order might be the way to go. With a standing order, your items remain on the spreadsheet and we send you an invoice automatically. If you want to change, add to, or put the order on hold, just let us know by the Saturday deadline and we’ll modify the invoice before you pay. If you’d like to set up a Standing Order, simply send us an email, text, call, or let us know in person.

The shipment will still come on Wednesday, with pickups Wednesday through Saturday, and home delivery Thursday morning.

Coffee Pot Farms

The egg production from the Coffee Pot Farms chickens slowed over the summer, but they’re laying like crazy now! If you’d like to add a dozen of these delicious fresh eggs, they should be available for next week’s Milk Day! 

Pantry Sale!

We’re having a pantry sale on items where we are down to just one or two left. Plus, we have a handful of Flatiron pepper that expired in June, so we are offering a big cut there. Check them out on the Featured Items page by clicking the button below.

I’m Working in Back Today

To get caught up on stuff from when I was gone, I’ll be working in the back of the Merc today. If you need to pick up your milk order or any other goods, simply ring the bell! We also have a few extras in the fridge if you need something now.

And there it is! The new Friday Email!

Order Deadline SATURDAY, August 21st by 9 pm for Wednesday, August 25th shipment.To see the full selection of MPM goods, including Danzeisen, hit the MPM Market button. If you have any problems with the online store or order form, feel free to text or simply respond to this email! 

Thanks as always for your support!
Lori and Brian Law Motor Palace Mercantile