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The MidSummer’s Event (including our parking lot sale) is only six days away, so I thought I’d give you a peek inside the building, to get a better idea of the type of goods we’ll be selling on Saturday. By the way, the event’s agenda came out. Take a look at all the fun things the Chamber has planned:

Mid-Summers Day in Winslow

Too bad I’ll be tied up with the parking lot sale instead of following the schedule! But hey, it will be great chatting with everyone downtown, plus, we’ll get the chance to clear out items from the building that aren’t in line with our future plans. During the week we’ll get things ready for the sale (which will now be in front of the building since Kinsley will be closed), so if you see me, say hi!

By the way, driving in Sunday, this greeted me: another amazing Northern Arizona sky. I can’t get enough of this.

Meteor Trading Post from I-40

But I digress. I’m easily distracted by pretty scenes.

When Brian and I got the keys to 213 N. Kinsley last month, we spent a couple of days exploring the inventory left in the building. The antiques we want to keep for the future Emporium, the knick-knack type of goods we want to purge. With the building thinned out, we can begin renovations. This week, we hope to get the carpet out and start the work; the reason the sale will be outside.

The Peek Inside the Emporium

Since I’m a video-journalist by trade, I shot a video diary that July weekend we first became owners, something I failed (and regretted) to do with the Motor Palace seven years. I intended this for ourselves (so please forgive the unkempt hair and lack of makeup), but I thought others might like a peek inside the Emporium as well.


See you all Saturday!

Peek inside the emporium to preview the parking lot sale!

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