Western Silk Scarves

Shortly before we closed our doors to help slow the COVID spread, our friend Ted traveled to Winslow with Brian to help unload a moving trailer of motorcycle stuff. We’ve known Ted for a long, long time, and one thing has always been true: the man has incredible style. During his time in town, he wore many great pieces, but one thing in particular caught my eye: a brown scarf that clearly was more than a simple bandana. Yes, it had a traditional looking print with bucking broncos, but the fabric was much softer, the length much longer. When Ted and Brian left to go back to CA for another load, I found the scarf on my desk—yeah, Ted’s that kind of guy. The scarf was not only perfect for me, it was perfect for Mercantile.

Fringe Scarves

So what makes this ”Bandito” scarf so special? SILK. The touch of silk in this cotton blend lends an incredible amount of comfort and flexibility to this scarf, and the colors are beyond lovely.

To give you an idea on size, a standard bandana measures 22×22. These are 26×26, plenty long enough to tie around your neck or hair and leave a long tail. In stock now at the Mercantile, all four of these colors available for $25 Each.

100% Silk Scarves

The Cotton/Silk Banditos aren’t what this company is known for, though. Their specialty is 100% silk western print scarves.

The designer, Texan Jodi Weishaar Hendrickson, has spent her life around ranching, from her father’s cow-calf ranch in South Dakota, to her work with Western Horseman magazine and the creation of her own magazine for real cowgirls.

Long hours horseback gave her the quiet time and freedom to dream. Her achievements of making the national finals in high school, college and Women’s Professional rodeos demonstrated her competitive spirit. Hauling with her auctioneer father, Lynn Weishaar, to the biggest cattle and horse auctions in the country, taught her about people and the importance of having a strong reputation in a tight community.

Jodi also loves fashion and how a simple accessory can make an outfit come to life.

Jodi draws inspiration for her designs from the ranching and rodeo lifestyle she knows so well and combines them with unique styles from all fashion genres.

Just a few days before we closed the doors, the scarves arrived, so sadly I never got the chance to properly show them off.

In addition to the 26“x26” silk scarves, I have two extra large 35”x35” inch scarves: The Black Bandito print in 100% silk, and the Blue Executive Cowboy.

Stick your neck out

The designer is a not only a horsewoman but a mother and a fighter, who had to walk away from her magazine career due to an illness. After 8 years battling for her health, she started the Fringe scarf company with the motto:

Stick Your Neck Out and Tie One On. While you are marking things off your bucket list, take your basic outfit and go beyond comfortable… make it edgier and more fun!

Mother’s Day Special!

Until Saturday, we are offering 20% off the 100% silks scarves. They are available to see at the Mercantile by appointment, or check out the online store.

Curb pickup, Delivery, or by Appointment

You can order a scarf on the online store and have it delivered to your house or arrange curb pickup, or if you’d like to see them in person first, make an appointment to come by the Mercantile. We haven’t yet opened the doors—according to the Governor’s recommendation—but we are permitted to show curbside. Shoot me an email to schedule a time!

Other Mother’s Day Ideas from the Merc

Some other ideas for you… cute hats, ponchos in five colors, hand-crafted genuine jewelry from Shenan Begay, hemp scrubber, Beeswax food wraps, Body Scrubs, Handmade Lotion bars and soaps, hand-glazed in Tucson decorative tiles, earrings in a cute little boot… and more!

Until next time…

Stay Swellegant!

Don’t forget! Milk & More order deadline Thursday, May 7th at 5pm!


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