Yep. It’s one of those Coronavirus posts.

A couple of days ago, a nice couple from British Columbia came into the store. We had great conversations about cool old stuff and joked about the pump of hand sanitizer sticking out of the man’s pocket. The next morning the couple came back to show us their Harley-Davidson and pick up a couple of shirts. Turns out there was a reason for the pocket hand sanitizer. The man has a lung disease so they have to cut their months-long journey short. It’s not worth the risk of him getting the virus and being hospitalized in a foreign country. Or worse.

Then last night one of my pals who is fighting lymphoma posted about how vulnerable cancer patients are and to please heed advice from the CDC.

Neither my friend nor the man from British Columbia are elderly or look sick.

It made me realize that—while Winslow is a small town—the world passes through the doors of our store. This week alone we’ve had England, Germany, Australia, Canada, along with Washington State and Florida and Michigan and… the list goes on and on. So yes…. much as I hate to do it, it’s best we close the store. While I’ve been wiping as much as I can down with sanitizer, I can’t get everything and it’s not worth the risk. But…


Danzeisen will still arrive on Wednesday and we can either deliver or arrange pickup. I’ll shoot you a message when it arrives! We will continue the milk orders every Monday during the time we are closed.

Back to the dirty work

Opening the store meant putting a halt on finishing projects—like lighting and signage and the leaky midsection roof and sorting through boxes in the building. During this closed time, we’ll work on making the Mercantile and the 66 Motor Palace even better.

If there’s something you can’t live without, let us know or check out the online store. Hopefully this will be contained soon and we can get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Until that time…

Stay Swellegant!

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  1. Tough choice, but it is the right one….I imagine that the Harley shops are closed as well? Home Depot is considered an “essential business,” so off to work I go! Hopefully the Motor Palace will rev back up
    very soon!

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